How to get a job through a recruiters

Job search is a job by itself. There is a lot of work to do regarding this and it is often that people take the help of recruiting or placement agencies for this purpose.

What is a placement agency/ recruiter?

A placement agency or recruiting agency is an organization, which specializes in finding and matching vacancies with job-searchers. The placement agency normally draws their income from the employers/ companies they help filling the vacancies while and the services offered to the job-seeker are free.

Based on the payment this placement agency receives from the employer, there would be three major criteria they fall into:

  1. Temporary staff placement agency ? as the name indicated, this type of recruiting agency would specialize in providing staff for temporary vacancies in any organization. Most temporary placement agencies are paid a fixed fee by the organization for this purpose and in turn, the placement agency pays the person who joins as a temporary staff. The job is often just as it says ? a temporary job. However, there are chances where the person, who is engaged thus, is absorbed by the company on full-time basis.
  2. The plus points of the temporary jobs is that these offer a great platform to learn things, as each one of the vacancies, even if they are in the (basically) same field would differ from company to company.

    The job-seeker also gets to polish his/her interpersonal skills as they learn to collaborate with people as soon as they join in the new job, and then start all over again. This is also a great way to network and land some great opportunities if the job seeker knows to use the power of correct networking.

    There are people who love working as temporary staff because they are excluded from office politics and they feel good working in almost total isolation.

    Another great advantage is that the pay is usually good and the job-flow would be steady. It does happen that sometimes the temporary staffer is absorbed as a full timer, but this is an outside chance.

    The cons of this option is that things can get a little depressing if you become adept at temporary jobs. It is also not too great when you constantly need to make new friendships/ working relationships again and again.

  3. Standard placement agencies ? these are also sometimes called contingency placement agencies because they are used when during contingencies when a number of positions fall vacant.
  4. The job of a standard placement agency is to match the job-seeker as best as they can with the needs of a company. Their payment is calculated on a percentage of the yearly salary of the job-seeker's salary. This usually works out to be anything between 10-30 percent of the salary, which is why a placement agency would always push into getting their candidates the highest possible remuneration package.

    The negative aspect in this scenario is that the candidate becomes costlier to the company by the percentage they pay to the placement agency and hence, they would always look for direct employment if possible, in order to cut costs. This would mean that the candidate that comes through the agency needs sometimes to be better than the direct candidate is to really score.

  5. Permanent or on-the-rolls recruiters ? these type of recruiters are retained as stand-by for any eventuality and they are paid a regular monthly retainer or yearly fee for this purpose. This is why this type of placement agency is also known as 'retained recruiters'.
  6. This type of placement agency is usually tagged for hi-profile jobs in the company and hence, do not really add to the cost of recruitment. If you are moving in the upper middle and higher level of employment, then this type of recruiting agencies would be the best bet for you.

Some great recruitment agencies are as follows:

  • I-Recruit dot com - which provides excellent leads based on geographic location and specialization
  • Employer's Net - if you are looking for openings for jobs in the legal fields
  • The RiteSite - which provides an excellent resource for jobs for middle and hi-end executives as well as top management positions
  • Directory of Canadian recruiters - which list some of the most popular recruiting agencies in Canada