How to get a work permit for Australia

Australia has opened its doors to the world with one of the largest emigration drives ever. If you had dreamed to go to Australia, this is the best time to do so. There are many things actually that make Australia an excellent choice to migrate to. It has wonderful climate, an open and highly mixed society where everyone feels at home with their ethnicity, yet very much part of the country, good salary packages and lower living costs and short working hours.

The present emigration program offers a four-year visa with an open option to remain in the country permanently if you find it suitable at the end of the period.

There is a most wanted list for certain professions such as engineers, doctor, IT professionals, etc and if your profession is one of those, you should immediately apply. In order to find out details you need to get in touch with the Australian Embassy or you can seek information online.

The greatest demand in Australia is for professions in the mining industry. In case you fall into that category, you will be very welcome in Australia.

Skilled visa basic requirements:

You must be both highly educated and highly skilled. The skills you possess should enable you to get employment in Australia. The skill should be positively assessed in the 60 point occupation plan. If you have a PhD degree then the skill should be positively assessed in the 50 point skill level plan. Sponsorship from the relevant authorities (State/Territory) prior to the application for the visa.  In addition you should be:

  • You should be under 45 years
  • Have vocational level English language skills
  • Score 110 points in the DIMA test
  • Your skills should be recognized by the AAA (Australian Assessing Authority)
You like to run a prior test and see whether you qualify or not, try
You will score additional points, if :

  • You have previously studied or worked in Australia before
  • You have AU ,000 and plan to invest it in Australia
  • You are fluent in any one of the major trading partners? / ethnic groups? languages
  • Your spouse has skills or educational qualifications that makes him/her a potential valuable asset
  • Your skills/ education/ present occupation is figuring on the Migration Occupations in Demand List or MODL.
Other extremely important requirements for the visa are:

  • Your skills should match the requirements of your occupation
  • Your certificates should be from a recognized educational institute; it should be at least three year above the secondary school study
IT professionals, Sr Managers, and tradespersons are exempted from this rule; these category of people may be selected in spite of not having the relevant qualifications. They can make up for the necessary points with their experience in the industry. Those who have special professional registration such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists,will need to apply for special registration.
You score additional points if you have a related sponsor in Australia, such as parents, children (non-dependent), brothers, sisters, etc. In this case your application will be processed under the Skilled Australian Sponsored Category or the Skilled-Designated Area Sponsored Category (if the sponsorer lives in a designated area).

There are more opportunities for those who want to migrate to Australia if they have no problem in living/ settling off the mainland. They can apply for Skilled Independent Regional (SIR) visa. Comparatively, this visa is easier to get. It involves first a temporary three-year visa, which can be converted into permanent visa after two years of successful living in Australia. The permanent visa will be then offered under the State/Territory Nominated Independent (STNI) on-shore visa.

The good news is that applicants who pass the above requirements are eligible to get a residence visa without receiving a job offer at the time of applying for the visa.
You should agree to live anywhere in Australia other than in Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, the Gold Coast, NSW Central Coast.

Other ways to migrate to Australia:

A Direct job offer by an Australian company. in this case, you are offered a job by an Australian company which failed to get a proper match locally. In this case the company that offers the job does the sponsorship. This visa can be for a maximum 4 years.

You will require for the visa application:

  • Valid passport with a minimum of two free passport pages. The Australian authorities do not give visas on extra passport sheets. Hence, in case you do not have the free pages, you will need to apply for a new passport before sending it for visa stamping
  • One passport photo
  • All relevant required documents should be translated into English
  • The health requirements should be met medical fitness certificate will be required.