How to get a work permit for UAE

People love the UAE, may be even better than USA. There is a general feeling that there is a lot of money in UAE, and getting a job there would actually settle one financially for life. Hence, many people aspire to get jobs in UAE and actively seek it through various means.

The rules for working in UAE are quite simple; you will need first to have a residential permit so you can apply for a labor card. The labor card will permit the person to obtain employment in the UAE. The residential permit can be obtained when someone in UAE can legally sponsor you. A person will legally sponsor you only when that someone is (i) your relative or (ii) a company who is going to employ you.

Since we are talking about the Employment Visa/ Permit, it is good to mention here that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issue this initially for a period of 30 days (on showing the proof that you have acquired or are about to acquire a job in the UAE). Once you land the job, the rules of land dictates that the company that employs you will process all the formalities required for getting you the work permit. At the same time you cannot leave the company that sponsored for another company without their permission and he correct re-processing of the visa.

Another way to get into the UAE is with the help of an investor/business visa ? this is issued when the applicant has a minimum of Dh70,000 in the share capital. This visa is issued for an initial time of three years.

Important - The application for work permit and residential permit are simple enough; however, you should keep in mind while filling it that the Muslim religion does not encourage live-in relationships and similar practices; otherwise, the application will be rejected. It is good if you familiarize yourself with the traditions of a Muslim society to avoid the possibility of committing any faux pas while you speak or interact with the people of UAE.

A tip that will go a long way for getting employment in the UAE is that a lot depends on networking. Hence, you should actively try to network in the UAE since this plays a very important role in the offer of a job.

It is very important as you see that you should have an offer for a job so the visa can be processed smoothly. There is no dearth of jobs advertisements for the UAE. Employment agencies that will process your visa to the UAE will make most of the advertised jobs. For those jobs which are advertised directly by the companies, the employer will assist you in obtaining the initial entry visa and even pay for your to-and-fro airfare.

The dos and don'ts for landing the job

  • You should be prepared to appear for more than one interview for one job.
  • You should always carry a copy of your passport and a couple of spare CVs with you
  • Write your CV in chronological (descending) order
  • Be sure you mention your proficiency (if any) in any language of the Middle East
  • Do not mention live-in relationships ? state only whether they are married or not
  • All CVs should be accompanied with a cover letter which particularly explains why you are the best fit for the job
  • Network with fellow countrymen in the UAE; a lot depends on the network you have
  • Do not sit till you are invited to sit when you go for an interview
  • Do not criticize former employers

Once you get the job and are living in UAE, keep in mind that Muslim societies are very conservative regarding interaction between men and women. You should never touch and attempt to touch (even for a handshake) a woman. You should never complement a woman, however closely you are working or interacting with her officially. It will be taken as an offence. Do not enquire about wives or daughters of any male friends ? this will also be taken as an offence. Do not gift anything to women colleagues or wives/ daughters of your colleagues in UAE.

In UAE the society is extremely conservative when it comes to interaction between males and females. Hence, it is good to be as much aloof as possible for female company, lest you will trespass any conventions.

Documents that you require for entry in UAE and consequent employment

It is very important that you have all the documents required for the entry visa. UAE authorities are extremely particular about the documents necessary and the absence of even one can have your visa refused. Hence, you should be extremely careful that you have all the documents described below with you:

  • Passport which should have at least six months validity; if you are accompanied by spouse and children, each one of them should have a separate passport
  • There should not be any Israel entry visa stamp on the passport
  • Marriage certificate (if your spouse is accompanying you)
  • If you are a female employee and will have your children stay with you, you will need a letter of consent from the father of the children which is certified and attested
  • Official transcripts of your qualifications

IMPORTANT NOTE ? if you are in UAE on an employment visa, you will not be permitted to leave the country unless you have your residence visa stamped in your passport.