How to get job experience

Jobseekers are often faced with situations where they are not selected because they have no job experience. In the course of your search for a job of your choice, you might be faced with a similar situation. It is very important therefore to work towards gaining relevant experience. There are a variety of ways in which you can go about this. You can take up part time or temporary jobs or take up small projects or internships.

LEVEL 1: Part Time Jobs and Temporary Jobs
Organizations look out for temporary workers or part time workers, who can match their staffing requirements on short term projects. A quick research on job related websites will give you a listing of a variety of temporary jobs that might be of interest to you. Alternatively, you could approach agencies, who employ people for short periods of time and depute them to organizations. Working on such jobs will establish the following:

  • You can be a responsible employee
  • You can interact with customers
  • You are aware of corporate work culture

This can also lead to the part time employer offering you a permanent job if they are impressed with the quality of your work. Part time jobs in which you have worked during your summer break as a sales representative or a waiter is also of considerable value as those also establish your credibility as a prospective employee.

LEVEL 2: Small Projects and Internships
If you are a student, you could take up internships and small projects that organizations offer as they can free up their resources for more strategic work. Some educational institutions have clients which offer such work to students on a regular basis. Some of these projects are very strategic in nature and can be included as relevant experience in your resume. Working on such projects will establish that:

  • You have an idea of delivering projects as per specifications
  • You have a few valuable contacts within few organizations
  • You have the experience of doing industry relevant work

Working on short term jobs goes a long way in boosting your confidence, while providing you with the credibility of being a valuable prospective employee.