How To Search For A Job Without Compromising Your Present Job

Very often, you realize that the job you have might not be the best thing for you and you start looking for another one. However, it would not be in your interest that your employer finds out about your job search. Hence, you would need to carry this out with certain precautions.

  1. Do not use office email for your job search applications. It is often that employees scan the emails of their employees as they would check what do they surf during office hours. Whether or not there are rules that you should not use your official email for personal work, it is always safer to have all correspondence about your job search done elsewhere. You need to know that your employer could check even your personal id email, if it is going through the company server.
  2. Use only your personal coordinates - never give the work email address, phone number or address as contact points in your job search. This would not only be very embarrassing, but also potentially dangerous to your present job. Your employer might perceive you as a threat if and when he/she finds that you are looking for another job. Hence, never give your employment agency your coordinates at office. Besides, if you leave your job, all such correspondence might be lost to you.
  3. Develop a strong and healthy network - if you ever need insurance for never being out of a job, then you would need to heavily network. The stronger network you have the better your chances to get jobs according to what you like best. Besides, knowing people would always make you more valuable to your employees.
  4. Do not use automated services - there are many automated services that would send the CV of the applicant to a few thousands employers. Now, just think what would happen if your CV would go to your company through this automated service? You should rather use sites and online employment agencies that send you alerts for suitable jobs so you could choose whether to apply or not.
  5. Use the online job sites carefully - the fastest way to get most leads today is through an online jobsite, and this would be a great idea for you as well. However, keep in mind that your present organization might also be using online job sites for filling some of their vacancies. You would not want your employer to 'stumble' upon your application. Hence, you upload your CV in these jobsites only when you can mark them 'confidential' or 'private' with the option of giving your name, only after you agree to apply to the said job.