Human Resources Job Search Tips

As a graduate of a human resource program or a returning HR professional, you may be looking for human resources job search tips to help you get to work quickly. The exciting field of human resources is one of the fastest-growing careers in the business world, due to demands for skilled human capital managers. Because HR continues to evolve, it can present a challenge when you try to get started in the field. The following tips should help you make the most of your human resources job search.

Get the Proper Education and Training

Before you even think about looking for work in human resources, get the education and training you need to understand the complex issues, laws and processes that HR professionals handle every day. Human resources is a career field that requires a good deal of knowledge and understanding of human and corporate practices, including those that surround employment laws and procedures. Having that knowledge will give you a solid foundation from which to build a career in HR.

Join Associations and Network with Others

One of the best ways to obtain a job in human resources is to join an industry association such as the Society for Human Resources Managers. There are regional groups that meet on a regular basis to discuss HR updates. They can also serve as an excellent resource for learning of openings with local companies. In addition you will begin to network with your peers in HR, and networking will increase your likelihood of gaining employment in a rewarding human resources role.

Take Volunteer Positions Relating to Human Resources

If you are on the search for a good job in HR, you can gain experience and contacts by volunteering for a local employment-related organization. Learn how to help others find work and develop your interviewing and interpersonal skills. Take time to learn all you can about industries that interest you before you try to apply for employment. Volunteering can provide you with many positive experiences that will help you along the way when you encounter difficult situations in HR.

Create a Professional Human Resources Portfolio

Experience in HR work is an important way of getting your foot in the door with a career, which is the goal of a human resources job search. However, you need to be able to show your experiences to others in the form of a career portfolio. Put together a well-organized folder that contains a professional resume, a list of reference letters from other human resource professionals, and a cover letter that states your intentions for a career in HR. Be sure to highlight your industry associations, student or community activities and any volunteer positions you’ve held. These items will help you stand out amongst other candidates vying for the same position you desire.

Consider Employment Agencies in Your Human Resources Job Search

You may find that entry-level human resources job by registering with a local employment or staffing agency. Many companies look to employment agencies if they experience difficulty in finding qualified candidates. Make sure to present yourself professionally and follow up as you register with each staffing company. You may also offer to work on a part-time basis as a recruiter; this experience can also help you learn the ropes and earn experience in human resources. This knowledge and experience may benefit your human resources job search.