Industrial Engineer Job Search Tips

The first thing you'll notice about industrial engineer job searching is that there are too many jobs available. Finding what you want can be laborious, unless you're in a very generalized area of industrial engineering.

Job Search Online

Fortunately, industrial engineer job hunting is pretty straightforward, despite the fact that the word "engineer" will find everything related to engineering. The major job site searches will find industrial engineer jobs without any trouble, but the classification of industrial engineer jobs is too broad.

With technical jobs, the type of work and the skills involved is always a much better search option. Unique terms, skills and qualifications will greatly reduce the search results, and eliminate extraneous job ads.

It's also a far more efficient way of finding only the jobs which are directly relevant to your needs. Employers want skills, and you'll find a range of jobs related to your own.

Another useful way of reducing the time on the big job boards is to target a series of search categories. Use terms which rule out the wrong jobs:

  • Location
  • Salary
  • Employer names
  • Benefits like 401k and day care

A good combination of categories and skills will find exactly what you want. This is particularly useful for experienced industrial engineer job hunting, because entry level jobs usually include a lot of generic search terms.

Be selective, however, about the critical search terms. The vital areas of the industrial engineer job search are:

  • Critical career skills
  • Systems
  • Career path issues
  • Training and other valuable potentials

Some industrial engineer jobs are much better than others, in terms of their value as career track options. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on the skills in demand in this profession, because the job market is evolving very rapidly. A job which includes ongoing education, training and new systems is much more valuable than an old style job which becomes redundant over time. (The same principles that apply to industrial design, apply to engineering jobs in many ways.)

Other Types of Job Search

Networking: This is a good professional approach to industrial engineer job hunting, because colleagues and those in your sector can provide excellent firsthand information. Professional associations, too, are much more advanced and specialized in engineering and can provide useful levels of real time support.

Cold canvassing: Industrial engineering isn't really a cold canvassing profession for experienced engineers, because it's outside the norms of hiring techniques except at entry level. However, selective targeting of preferred employers can provide useful information, and definitely provide some internal contacts who know you're motivated.

(Note: The cold canvassing approach may have a real chance if you're a proven expert, able to provide very high levels of professional services, and particularly interested in the work of the employer.)

Freelance consultancies: One of the more recent innovations in the engineering field is the widespread use of independent consultants. This type of job can find you a lot of work. Consultancy jobs cover projects, special needs and pro tem jobs where you may find yourself filling in for quite a while. These jobs can provide excellent resume materials, as well as current experience in the all-important areas of preferred skills.