Info About International Hotel Jobs

International hotel jobs are highly coveted in the hospitality industry. International hotels have high standards of performance and work hard to compete for their valuable customers. They hire only the best, usually highly experienced people from within the industry. International hotels operate on a different client demographic from the mainstream trade because they usually cater to upper end markets.

Education and training

There are three basic categories for hotel employment:

  • Management and business administration: The management jobs require both formal business qualifications and extensive experience in the hotel industry. Administration jobs are essentially business administration, but preference is naturally given to those with industry experience.
  • Catering, Chefs and Bar: Formally trained chefs, cooks, and cooking apprentices are employed strictly on a qualifications basis. Chefs have slightly more leeway, and may have come from top class restaurants into the hotel jobs with impeccable references.
  • Support staff: These are room staff, waiters, cleaners, kitchen hands, and other ancillary positions. Experience and references are the minimum requirements for employment. Room staff and waiters tend to come from within the industry, and are vetted by prior experience.

Language skills

International hotels require people with fluent language skills, which are often valuable in hotels dealing with particular clientele. They don't, however, hire interpreters, and use staff with the required skills.

Career paths

If you want to work in dazzling surroundings, and at the top of the industry, international hotels are definitely the way to go. To progress in the hotel industry, working in 5 star hotels is a definite advantage. Each position follows a logical progression in terms of career advancement, but it's getting into this class of work which is the first big career step:

  • Management and business administration: The most effective career track is to enter at a lower administration level, get experience in the industry, and work up the ranks, which can require some job hopping between hotels. International hotel management has a "pedigree" element which can exclude outsiders.
  • Catering/chefs/Bar and refreshments: Caterers can gain entry into the market through working in the same class of establishment, showing proven performance levels. They effectively become in house caterers, rather than contractors. Chefs in this class are a highly competitive profession, and prior experience in highly rated hotels is the usual prerequisite. 
  • Support staff: Career paths work from junior positions to senior, invariably based on experience. The main issue in getting these jobs is good prior experience and references, because of the sensitivity of the clientele.