Information and papers needed for work

When someone is looking for work, they most likely have no idea of the amount of information required to fill out applications, for interviews, or for the rest of the hiring process. What information is needed to work applies to ex-offenders even more with the criminal history and the need to have as much background information as possible. Many ex-offenders have forgotten what information is needed to work. If you are in this category, you will need to cover the following areas when searching for a job:

  • General information
  • Criminal history
  • Military service
  • Education background
  • Job specific information
  • Additional skills and training
  • References
  • Professional memberships
  • Work history

All of these areas will be touched upon at one point during your job search and application process. The best way to know what information you, as an ex-offender, will need to work is to have it all written down and available from the first day. Here is the breakdown of each category, and what items should be available.

General information an ex-offender needs to work will include the following:

  • Social Security # - you will need your Social Security card or a copy of it
  • Drivers License # - if you don't have one, get a state issued picture ID
  • Home address last 10 years - not including any jail time
  • Date available for work - you will need to know the earliest day available; stating ''immediately'' is not a date

Criminal history information an ex-offender needs to work will include the following items. This will apply if you were incarcerated or not.

  • Nature of the offense
  • Date of conviction
  • Location of conviction
  • Disposition (sentence or probation)

Military service information an ex-offender needs to work should include the following:

  • Entry and discharge dates
  • Type of discharge
  • Branch of service
  • Specialization
  • Special training and dates
  • Last held rank
  • Veteran of war (for Affirmative Action)

Job specific information which an ex-offender will need for the process will include such things as:

  • Position desired (1st and 2nd choice)
  • Salary desired - if you want to talk about this at the interview, keep this answer as ''negotiable'' or ''competitive'', but know the range in the field.
  • How you heard about the job - this is used to track incentive and affiliate programs
  • Work status and citizenship - you must prove your work status before being hired

Information about references an ex-offender will need for work include:

  • Names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Occupation
  • Relation to you

If there are any additional skills you have, you should make a list of these.

  • Professional licenses
  • Languages
  • Software knowledge
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Technical knowledge
  • Typing WPM

Education and training information ex-offenders need for work include most of the following:

  • Start and end dates
  • School name and address
  • Majors and minors
  • Degrees earned and dates
  • GPA
  • Rank in class

If you are part of any professional organizations you will want the following information about those as well.

  • Name of organization
  • Dates of membership
  • Address and phone number

Information for an ex-offender to find work will always include work history going back a minimum of five years, unless the criminal history is included which then pushes the history back farther.

  • Name of employer, address and phone number
  • Start and end dates
  • Reason for leaving
  • Beginning and ending pay
  • Boss's name, title and business contact
  • Job title and duties
  • Reasons for gaps over 90 days

Having the required information ready when you need it will ensure accuracy and a clear record of facts should there be questions.