International Consulting Jobs to Consider

International consulting jobs are among the most highly paid jobs in the world. The jobs in this line of work are based on the qualifications, skills and experience levels of the professional. Working internationally differs from domestic consulting positions because it  requires advanced skills and a good understanding of the various markets. Knowledge of issues like:

  • International and national business law
  • Business and trade laws for regions like the EU and ASEAN
  • Trade treaties
  • Local business conditions and issues
  • Economic factors
  • Government policies
  • Import and export laws
  • Industry-specific information regarding the countries in which they operate

Getting started in international consultancies

Like any international career, consultancy jobs have an extra level of complexity imposed on them purely because they're international. The qualifications and skills required for the basic work are identical. To get started in international consultancy, entry level jobs in an international business or professional field are the most common starting points. This is where you build up your local knowledge and expertise in your profession.

Language skills

Language fluency is also important with these positions. In many cases employers require formal proof of language proficiencies, and in the European Union, language proficiency levels are standard parts of job applications. 

Getting a consultancy job

Professional expertise, and required qualifications and certifications are the necessary tools to ultimately become a consultant. Most consultants are advanced specialists in their fields. There's a good reason for the high skill levels and the international experience requirements.

Imagine you're an American construction consultant. You're advising a Japanese development company in Brunei about costs for a shopping mall and apartment complex. You have to advise regarding contracts for Australian concrete, Japanese steel, Chinese glass, and European kitchen installations. You can see the sort of expertise you'd require to even do estimates and make comparisons of prices. You also need all the international business knowledge above, and the ability to speak Chinese and Japanese is an advantage.

In that same job, other consultants are doing the legal work, writing the contracts in four languages, and handling the imports and local trade requirements for the materials, shipping, etc.

Career advancement

International consultants get paid well for this work. The definition of career progression in consultancies is contract values, as well as salary. Working with big budgets means you're able to pitch for bigger budget contracts, and earn more. Often, a consultant will earn a percentage of the contract price, as well as their salary. These salaries are among the highest in the world, and the competitors are all experts in their fields. 

The good news for those looking at a career in international consultancy is demand for consultants is increasing. As the global market expands, the number of consultants increases in line with business needs. If you've got the required skills in your profession, and the right international experience and background, you can be an international consultant.