International Finance Jobs to Consider

From accounting to underwriting, there are a wide variety of international finance jobs to consider. Read more about some of these jobs below.


Accountants are in demand at home, but accountants that can also reconcile the rules and regulations between more than one country are essential employees at multinational corporations or with firms that handle imports and exports. Accountants will perform audits, assess banking records and assist in financial reporting. The Association of International Accountants offers an educational program to prepare accountants for this field.


An actuary assesses risk and determines the possibility of a variety of future events usually on behalf of insurance companies that need to grant policies to their clients. Actuaries determine the amount of risk and the premium required for the policy. International positions are available in many regions and countries, including the U.K., Europe and Bermuda. Most prospective actuaries will need some experience in the field and affiliation with a national or international actuary organization. Other positions in the insurance industry, including brokers and underwriters, are also available.


International banks offer services to foreign clients and investors. Services can include account and asset management, investment services and real estate. International banks may work with corporations or with extremely wealthy clients that are looking for foreign investment opportunities, or they may assist expats that are working abroad.


In the developing world, microfinance was pioneered by the Grameen Bank, but it has become a global phenomenon. In microfinance, small loans are made to businesspeople or groups of people to finance small businesses, such as stores, appliance repair operations and textile cooperatives, to name only a few of the enterprises. These small loans allow entrepreneurs to start or expand their existing businesses. An officer in a microfinance company would be responsible for traveling to a variety of sites, maintaining client connections and monitoring the repayment process.

Jobs for Graduates

If you are a recent graduate from a college or university, you may be eligible for a variety of work-abroad programs in finance. Some of these programs have age restrictions or require the application be processed during your final year of college, but these programs will assist you with visas, work permits and banking issues. They may also give you good name recognition for employers and have strong alumni programs that you can rely on for the rest of your international career. Explore finance opportunities with the British Universities North America Club (BUNAC), the Mountbatten Institute or AIESEC.

The Need to Speak the Language

Though it is not required (especially if you are looking for employment in a country where the language is English, such as Canada, the U.K. or Bermuda), some knowledge of the local language may be necessary. When courting investors or working with clients that primarily speak a language other than English, do not assume that translation will always be provided. Developing some language skills--in French, Spanish or the regional language--is a task that you may need to accomplish before you go overseas.

If you are still in college, spend some of your credits on a language class; if you are currently employed, see if your employer will pay for courses to study another language. Consulates and embassies, if one is located in your community, can also be a good source for low-cost language instruction.