International Health Jobs: 6 Career Opportunities

International health jobs offer diverse opportunities for the developing career professional. Potential international health care job seekers should be aware of the area in which they wish to obtain employment. Look up any necessary requirements for international travel and employment, as well as the cost of living in the area before making a decision. Plan to obtain any necessary identification and/or language certification documentation well in advance. Be sure to prepare for extra expenses if necessary such as international phone call bills and mailing expenses.

International Health Care Jobs: Options

The health field offers many career opportunities internationally. Employment qualifications and educational requirements will vary depending on the position of interest. Prepare for international health care jobs during undergraduate or graduate school by participating in study abroad opportunities, such as internships at medical facilities and international education courses.

1: International Nurse Jobs

International health care jobs include nursing jobs, which usually require a nursing degree, either RN or LPN from an accredited institution of higher education. Specific licensing requirements may vary by country and location. Nurses have to communication a lot with their patients, so language skills are an important part of this career path.

2: International MD Jobs

International medical professionals should hold an MD from an institution of higher education, meet legal licensing requirements by country and prepare for language examinations. Medical doctors can prepare for international health careers by taking their practice residencies as part of international medical fellowship programs during medical school. Medical doctors who also hold a Ph.D. in physiology or some other discipline may find international employment in academia or research institutions. Medical professionals may find employment in research facilities, as well.

3: International Health Administration Jobs

International health administrators oversee intake and other paperwork in medical facilities. Health administrators usually need some experience, about three to five years, to obtain employment in international health administration. International health administrators usually hold an MA in health administration from an accredited institution of higher learning. Language requirements apply.

4: International Home Health Jobs

International home health jobs involve working through a contracted international or national agencies, or through a private employer. International home health aides should have excellent communication skills, since they work in the home.

5: International Public Health Jobs

International public health jobs may require a four-year or MA degree in public health, epidemiology, biology or some other field of science related to public health. Public health jobs may involve working with the public or in a closed facility. Public health professionals may also seek education in the field of public relations. Public health jobs require language proficiency, in general.

6: International Mental Health Jobs

International mental health professionals usually have graduate degrees in Psychology or some other field. Counselors, especially, need to have great conversational skills. National licensing requirements may apply for this career path.

Special Skills

Health is a personal issue and a sensitive one for a lot of people. Working in the health field almost always means having good communication skills. International health jobs are challenging because they require extra proficiency in the foreign language. But they are also rewarding, since they pay-off means getting to help people who really need it, something career medical professionals are usually inclined toward.