International Travel Jobs: Four Career Opportunities

From staffing a cruise ship to farming the land, there are a wide range of international travel jobs to suit many interests. You may want a job that requires little training and a light work load or are looking for something outdoors. Included below are several different occupations for those interested in international travel. 

Agricultural Jobs

A perfect option for those interested in beautiful scenery and fresh air, working on a farm or on an orchard is a wonderful opportunity to fund a stay abroad. While the pay is not significant, farm jobs offer room and board and usually the chance to travel on the days off. Agricultural work is for those wanting active engagement with the local people and culture. Australia, Nepal, Mexico, Thailand, Italy and Spain are just several of the countries that participate in organic farm projects often called "WWOOFING" (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Depending on your location, you will have various opportunities to work directly with farmers in fostering sustainable agricultural practices and learn new techniques for growing crops. 

Bartending  and Pub Jobs

A far jump from farm work, serving drinks and bartending is also a timeless way to make money quickly and often under-the-table. This can be very helpful when you are looking to pay for your travel expenses without having to apply for a work permit and long-term visa. Even places that are notoriously difficult to get working-visas for, such as England, have numerous opportunities to work in local pubs for short periods of time. Of course you can also work full-time as a bartender on cruise ships and in hotels, places that are always in need of extra workers during tourism season.

Teaching Jobs

An excellent way to absorb another culture while contributing a positive service, teaching abroad, usually teaching English, is a frequent option for college students or recent graduates to travel and work simultaneously. Most international teaching positions do not require you to have a teaching certification or degree, however it can be useful to have experience with ESL, especially if English is not your native language. Teaching jobs typically pay a living wage, but you wouldn't want to count on your teaching income to pay off student loans. You will probably end up with enough extra cash to spend on shopping and travelling when you're not in the classroom. The best part about teaching abroad is there are opportunities to teach in virtually every corner of the globe.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Spending an entire summer on a Caribbean cruise ship and getting paid for it probably sounds too good to be true, but as a cruise ship staff member you can enjoy the perks of life on the sea while working to pay your way. Positions on cruise ships are plentiful and diverse including waiting tables, cooking, entertaining, dealing cards in the casino and planning onshore excursions. The pay will vary depending on your position and on the cruise line, but often the jobs can be lucrative with tipping included. If you are looking for a travel job that also includes medical insurance and other benefits, this is an excellent career to pursue.