IT JObs India

The IT jobs have started in India from Bangalore and Chennai. You can safely say that these two cities were the entry point for this booming industry, which is now becoming increasing global. How is this explained? There are many factors which will give you the reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Bangalore and Chennai are extremely conducive for the IT industry because of the high concentration of IT professionals available there. The number of software colleges available in the south account for 1/3rd of all the software colleges in India. Bangalore is also known, for this purpose the Silicon Valley of India
  • One of the biggest incentive is that Government of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States are quite dynamic and progressive due to which it is easy for the foreign investors to set up a base of auxiliary bases in India
  • The workforce (the IT professionals) comes at one-third to one-fourth of the wages that are paid to the same qualification personnel back in US; these limited salaries are still considered high by the local population providing a win-win situation which is highly conducive for the setting up of the business
  • The IT professionals of India prefer to remain in their own country when offered a good professional growth opportunity, instead of migrating to US. The trend today is actually reversing from 1997 when almost 30-40 percent of the qualified people preferred to leave the country for lucrative jobs in USA, now there is a reversal of the trend having more than 45 percent people wanting to return to India and start their own ventures or pursue careers which are now more satisfying and well paying than ever. The reversal of this trends is actually owed to the shift in bases of many developed countries who offer good career growth right in India
  • The professionals of Indian origin, particularly in computer field, are recognized all over the world as better than the best - which again allows for the win-win equation to establish itself
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  • India is now a lucrative base not only for software engineers but also for PhDs in the IT field who are wooed by foreign companies on their native land. There are leading companies which target the high-end educational background such as PhDs mostly for generating consultancies and for research and development, for which Indian is actually famous world-wide. The way things are unfolding, the consultancy and R&D industry could become a billion industry by the end of 2008 according to NASSCOM McKinsey Report.
  • There are galaxy of world leaders which have migrated to India to join in the gravy wagon such as, British Telecom, Barclays Bank, Daimler-Chrysler, HSBC,Aventis, Honeywell could be providing job for approx 200,000 IT professionals in the course of the next couple of years. Not to mention the fact that India already has a good base of global organization already present in Bangalore-Chennai belt for the last decade or so - such as Citigroup, GE, British Airways, Amex, etc
  • Among the IT enabled services offered par excellence in Bangalore-Chennai and which is slowly moving towards other metros in the country are:
  • Accounting
  • Call centers
  • Bank transaction processes
  • Remote management (networks)
  • End-to-end processing services
  • Help-desks
  • Trouble-shooting and technical support
  • Product specific solutions, such as risk modeling, actuarial services, data mining, variation analysis, etc
  • Global business platforms
  • Telemarketing Internet based products and services for reducing costs
  • Customer interaction services

For those who seek jobs in these cities, all you have to do is land in the city of your choice and you will have a job within the week. The variety, the market and the availability of jobs being such, that you can have your pick. The work conditions are better than in any of the metros in the country - both infrastructure-wise as well as work culture wise. Since these industries have been exposed to continuous interaction with the USA and other foreign investors for the last decade or so, the people have imbibed sufficient of the traditions of the investor country while still maintaining their identity as Indians - this amalgamation making the best of the both worlds. If you are an ambitious IT professional and want to have a shooting career graph - come to the IT paradise in Bangalore and Chennai - where you will be assured of a world-class working environment and excellent pay package.