job agencies

If you are an ex-offender returning to the workforce, one of the more valuable tools you can use to increase your chances of employment is the use of job services, some which are directly connected to ex-offenders or people in rehabilitation on various levels. There are four different types of job agencies for use:

  • Service organizations - Goodwill and Salvation Army along with some missions
  • Job Service Agencies - these type of employment agencies usually have long term contracts with factories or healthcare fields.
  • Temp Agencies - Manpower and Labor Ready are good for immediate needs and short pay dates
  • Government Agencies - local Unemployment Centers, America's Service Locator, state and municipal departments

Service Organizations

Both service organizations and many faith based groups have specialized programs used by ex-offenders as job services. Using these as job agencies is one often overlooked resource. Both Goodwill and Salvation Army have both treatment programs and employment programs which can be used by ex-offenders in need immediately upon re-entry into the workforce. Many local church groups and nonprofit organizations also have work programs which can help you gain a steady foot on the ground.

Job Service Agencies

This type of job agency is used by ex-offenders seeking longer term positions without having to do much of the legwork. If you have suitable skills for manual labor than it is very likely using this type of job service can give ex-offenders a good start to possible long term work and goals. Many times work from contract agencies can lead to permanent positions with contracted companies.

Temp Agencies

For an ex-offender looking for work, using a job agency offering short term work may seem unappealing. While this type of work falls short of being the best solution for many people, it should also be an obvious choice for getting immediate needs met. On occasion these type of jobs lead to better paying work and can easily provide adequate money to support yourself while you look for more permanent income. Having any type of employment is better to show on a resume than having none.

Government Agencies

The most commonly known government agency in regards to use as a job service for ex-offenders is the Unemployment Office or Career Center of the local community. While it is true that these agencies do provide resources and options for ex-offenders searching for work, they are not the only available resource. America's Service Locator is a program which has been set up between the federal and state employment agencies to provide a comprehensive database of service providers via phone or internet. Use of this database is free and can help ex-offenders locate such things as job training, seminars, education, and work programs.

For ex-offenders, the use of job services is an effective and efficient tool in finding employment for immediate needs.