Job Networking for Freelance Software Developers

Freelance software developers have a lot of opportunity in the industry today. If you are thinking about getting involved in freelance software development, you will definitely need to do some networking. Here are a few things to consider about job networking for freelance software developers.

Do Not Hesitate

Most freelance software developers are aware of the need to network in conferences and other meetings within the industry. However, they might decide to stop networking when they are not in a place that fits into this category. The truth is that you should always be networking regardless of where you are. You never know when you are going to run into that perfect contact that can help you in your career. You should always be talking to people and developing connections with them regardless of where you are or what you are doing.


When you are going to an event that you know that you are going to be able to network with other people in the software development industry, you need to be prepared. This does not mean that you need to come up with a canned introduction, but you do need to spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish. If you know who is going to be at the event, you should come up with a tentative list of people that you would like to talk to. You might also think about what you are going to say to some of them.


When you attend networking events with other software developers, you are going to get quite a bit of information. You are going to have a collection of business cards, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses to keep up with. Because of this, you need to try to be as organized as possible. Come up with a system to keep track of all of this information so that you can refer to it easily if you need to.


When you make a good connection with someone, you need to get in the habit of following up with them. If you have their address, you might consider sending them a thank you note for helping you out. If you do not want to be that formal, you can always send them an e-mail and tell them that it was good speaking to them. Everyone likes to make a connection with other people and this will make them feel good. In the future, when you need help from them, they will be more likely to accommodate you at that point.

Don't Be Afraid

Once you have developed a contact, you need to not be afraid to ask them for something. Many people network but then they are scared to ask for help from the contacts that they have developed. If you want to get information from one of your contacts, simply ask them for it. Most of the time, they will enjoy helping you out and will not have any issues with it.