Job Networking for Freelance Translators

Any newcomer in the translation field will agree that a comprehensive knowledge of languages is simply not enough. What is required of translators is experience and credibility. In such a scenario, job networking for freelance translators can provide the gateway to a world where clients flow in continuously.

Problems Faced by Freelance Translators

The first few years of any freelance translator’s life are the toughest. That is a stage where translation agencies are wary of hiring them for their lack of experience and business clients are apprehensive about approaching them due to their lack of credibility. For a new-comer, finding a respectable translation job is a tough task.

What is Job Networking?

Enter job networking for freelance translators, and the task of finding a client suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Job networking involves reaching out to potential clients both online and offline. Online, it involves building a profile for yourself, maybe even a website. Offline, it involves building a circle of friends who are already in the freelance translation field, as well as in fields affiliated to it. Basically anyone who might have a contact with a person requiring translation services is worthy to be considered a friend.

Market Yourself Online

Marketing yourself via online job networking has never been easier. With hordes of forums and Q&A portals online, all you have to do is look out for questions related to translation. Answering such questions helps you build credibility as a good translator. Take care, however, not to try and sell yourself at every opportunity you sense. That simply puts people off and makes you look like a spammer.

How Offline Networking Helps

It pays to be in touch with other, preferably experienced, translators. They will sometimes have more clients/work than they can handle, which you can always request to take off their shoulders. This helps you get clients/jobs that you otherwise would not have, had you approached the client(s) directly. Don’t forget people in other industries, though. Those working in fields like marketing, advertising, etc often know people who might need translation services. If these people know you well, guess who they’d recommend to their clients?

Job Networking for Freelance Translators Taken to the Next Level

Don’t just think of networking as an easy way of getting some clients. Even after you have established yourself as a reliable freelance translator, continue job networking to build upon your marketability. Don’t stop answering questions on online forums because you have signed a rich client. Don’t ditch your friends because you feel you have outgrown them. You never know when your current client might terminate your services, or where the next job will come from. Job networking is not a short-cut to getting jobs, it is a continuing process. Focus on constantly expanding the circle of people you know. Satisfied clients will automatically be added to your network. It’s no secret that a happy client will not only come back to you for more services, but will also suggest you to more of his friends.

It should be clear that job networking for freelance translators is not an added means to gain clients. Rather, for beginners especially, it is a necessity.