Job Offer Comparisons

Use this form to help you identify the positive and negative aspects of a first and second job offer. It helps you to make a decision not only based on salary, but also on all the aspects regarding a specific job. Record for instance, the date when employment is to commence, salary, medical benefits, business plan, profit sharing, child raising factors, hours to be worked, paid holidays, and vacation days etc. Compare the two jobs according to your specific needs.

Job offer details comparison   Here you can compare your job offers details. This could help you to make the better choice Options First offer Second offer Date for starting work     Estimated salary     Job opening     Work hours     Management manner     Culture     Career track     Bonuses/rewards     Advantages     Disadvantages     Insurance     Child raising     Profit sharing     Business plan     Vacation days     Pension Plan     Medical plan     Discounts,deductions     Economical plan     Transportation     Salary increase     Tuition restitution