Job personality for ex-offender

One thing that seems to be told to any ex-offender is that they should take any job they can find. Being pushed into a job which does not suit you is an almost certain way to fail for many ex-offenders. Finding a job that suits you would work better over the long run for two reasons:

  • Greater willingness to stick with the job
  • Better quality work

So how do you, an ex-offender, go about doing this? Fitting the job to your personality is the best method. You can do this by using the following ideas while searching:

  • Know you abilities - if you know all of the abilities and skills you possess, you will have more chances of finding a job that suits you.
  • Use your experience - if you have experience in specific areas, work to get a job in those areas first.
  • Know your limitations - you must know what jobs you will have trouble handling due to health or physical limits; don't take a job if it will cause more problems.

Now that you have the ideas above, how will you know what your personality is or the job that fits it? You should brainstorm with someone to create a list of all the abilities and experience you really have. Also make note of your limitations. After coming up with these lists, you can do the following tasks much more effectively.

  • Make a list of all the jobs that can be done using your abilities and experience
  • Make a list of what jobs you can't do because of either physical or mental limitations
  • Combine the two and cross off any that are on both.
  • Choose the top ten jobs which you would like to have, but keep the entire list optional
  • Begin your search using the top ten jobs as a way of finding a job that suits you

This is how you begin fitting the job to your personality, while also keeping the search field large enough to work with. Another tip to remember when trying to find a job that suits you is to cast a wide enough gaze around you. Don't narrow the focus to your immediate area. Depending on what your abilities and experience are, you may have to consider looking beyond your town or locality to find a job which fits your personality.