Job search through job sites

The Internet has put the job search task at your finger tips with vast and highly popular job search sites that are continuously evolving by the hundreds. Since there are so many and their reach is so vast ? some of them literally have tens of thousands of jobs posted on their site ? it is difficult to make a decision about where to start and how to use these sites.

Before you start uploading your CV on jobsites, you will need to know a few basics about the job search sites you are planning to use and the Internet safety etiquette that you would need to follow if you do not want the job search to backfire on you.

Recognize The Type Of Job Sites That Suit You Best

For best results, you would need to enter your CV using as many keywords related to what type of job you want and your particular expertise. Those who would look for a candidate would not have the time to browse through the thousands and thousands of CVs available. They would rather use keywords to find what they want.

Hence, if your CV is the best but does not use the right keywords, it would be lost among the thousands of others with no hope of discovery. Before you even think of going to the Net to upload your CV, you will need to optimize it for the use on the Net.

Remember, the CV that is written for in-person (or snail mail) submission is totally different from the one you need to upload on the Net. Learn the differences before you use the Internet for this purpose or you would not be able to reap any positive results.

It is true that there are hundreds if not thousands of great job-search sites out there. How do you find out which ones are the best for you? Use their classifications, popularity and coverage to make a choice:

  • The most popular job-search sites ? you need to figure on their list simply because everybody is going to look them up. The employers too will start their search from the most popular ones and taper into the less known ones if they do not find what they needed in their initial searches. Hence, it is imperative that you figure on all the top-popular-jobsites. The downside of these sites is that they charge the employer a hefty amount for the use of their database which increases the per-candidate cost.
  • Popular and localized job search sites ? there are, in every country/ region/ district some specific job search sites which reflect candidates available locally. Of course, many super job-sites are getting their sites geographically searchable as well. However, the importance of popular yet localized website is on the rise. Be sure you are part of the local leading online website agency.
  • Specialization job search websites ? there is a third type, i.e. the online job search site that concentrates on only one or a few related professions, i.e. IT professionals, engineers, dentists, neuro-surgeons, teachers, secretarial staff, etc. This helps the recruiter cut their time considerably while searching through the database since they do not need to filter through other non-relevant jobs. This type of job-search sites are also known as niche jobsites.