Job Search Tips for Air Traffic Controller Jobs

You may encounter difficulty in searching for air traffic controller jobs. It is a highly competitive professional environment. These tips may help you maximize your search for air traffic controller jobs.

Finding Air Traffic Controller Jobs Online

This is a truly demanding task for air traffic controllers. The FAA is the natural search option for U.S. air traffic controllers, but only so many air traffic controller jobs are available. Most of the open opportunities are at the lower professional levels; the higher up the professional scale you are, the harder it is to find air traffice controller jobs.

The basic search approach is regular checking of the FAA site vacancies. Statistically, vacancies occur according to attrition and turnover rates, so you should find some open jobs.

However, you can explore other options in your hunt for air traffic controller jobs. Depending on your career progression, these are some of the extra options:

  • Air traffic control management
  • Senior air traffic administration jobs
  • Management positions
  • Consultancies (flight control manufacturering, logistics, planning, military)
  • Military flight systems
  • International flight control jobs
  • Training jobs

When you consider a range of options, you may encounter a larger pool of opportunities. Air traffic control experience is a high-value addition to all these positions.


Although the job market is restricted, networking allows you to stay in the loop and get current information about job opportunities and options. Maintain professional contacts in case you want to pursue alternative career paths in the future.


Airlines have their own, rather extensive, views on air traffic control. They frequently make representations to government and the FAA on the subject. Some roles in this area require real experts to cover the technical issues involved. Air traffic controllers may find work in this area.

International Air Traffic Controller Jobs

Foreign air traffic control systems aren’t necessarily up to the standards of the U.S., and the career and working environment is often quite different. However, foreign air traffic controller jobs offer a potentially lucrative area for exploration.

You should obtain help from your network and professional contacts when you check out the international options. Like any foreign job, you will need to learn quite a bit, and you’ll also need to make some comparisons with U.S. jobs.

Some good international job possibilities include:

  • The European Union
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Scandinavia.

These countries are pretty much within the same career bandwidth as the U.S. They also have up-to-date flight control systems and meaningful job options for those in mid-career or higher levels of professional status.