Job Search Tips for Aircraft Engineer Jobs

To find aircraft engineer jobs, use the relevant keywords in online job posting boards, search employer websites and network.

Engineer versus Technician

A licensed engineer completes a four year undergraduate degree in engineering, as well as period as an engineer in training and a licensing examination. Most engineers that work with aircraft will complete either an electrical or mechanical engineering degree, though there are over seventy colleges in the US that offer degree programs in aerospace engineering. An aircraft or avionics technician will complete at least one or two years of post-secondary coursework. When searching for work in this field, use the specific keyword that matches your experience and education to retrieve the most relevant jobs.

Job Outlook

According to the SimplyHired Trends for aircraft engineers, job postings listing this job title declined by 43% since September 2008. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job opportunities for engineers in general are expected to grow by eleven percent between 2008 and 2018. To improve your work search, look for specific job terms that match your education, such as systems, mechanical or manufacturing engineer. Based on results from the SimplyHired Trends, these job titles had significantly smaller increases in available job postings listed in their index.

College Career Centers

Since most, if not all, aircraft engineer positions will require an undergraduate degree in engineering, begin with the job postings listed on your college career center database. College career center job postings are the primary source for summer, co-op and internship placements, as well as a good initial source for entry-level jobs in the industry. Many engineering employers will also attend career related events on campus, such as career fairs, on-campus interviews and briefing sessions for prospective employees.

Online Job Boards

There are three main types of online job boards: general, niche and aggregate job boards. A general job board, such as Monster, will provide listings for aircraft engineering positions, though large boards do not always receive the job postings from smaller firms. A niche job board, such as a college career center job posting service, or an industry specific job board, such as, will provide listings specifically for engineers or a specific industry. Searching a niche job board will provide highly relevant positions and may also suggest relevant keywords to improve searching on the job board. An aggregate, or a vertical search engine, for job postings, such as, will collect job postings from general, niche and employer websites within their index, which can speed up search times, allowing you to search in one place. You can also use an aggregate job posting service to determine the major employers, the third-party recruiters or placement agencies that operate in this industry and research relocation opportunities.

Employer Websites

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries for the Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing Industry, there are over 3000 establishments in this industry, not including the research and development sector of this industry. Like many employers, they prefer to place their job postings on their website, since it costs them little or nothing to do so, unlike using a job posting service. If you are unsure about the employers in a specific region, which is not uncommon for new graduates or engineers that need to relocate, using a vertical search engine or a job posting aggregator is one of the easiest ways to identify employers to bookmark and continually visit to look for aircraft engineer opportunities.


Connecting or reconnecting with your professional association and attending industry events may also lead to job opportunities. Many professional events will also include a job search service, such as a niche career fair, or networking events where it may be appropriate to distribute your resume. For example, the Society for Professional Engineers in Aerospace offers advice on dealing with layoffs, a brief listing of additional job posting services and a calendar of upcoming events.