Job Search Tips for Avionics Technician Jobs

Avionics technicians job search is a real exercise in reading and in some cases frustration. There are a lot of jobs, and there are also a lot of different jobs. The One Size Fits All job title approach by job ads really doesn’t help in this field. For aviation technicians, the job market ads can be a real nuisance. Job descriptions don’t always fully describe the jobs. Some  avionics technician jobs are very wide ranging. These jobs can include everything from systems testing to fabrication work. If, however, you happen to be a systems person, and you find that a job contains a lot of other work after application, you can waste a lot of time in the process.

This job market is currently moving to a true multi-skilling employment model, and the job ads are reflecting that situation. Add to this situation the new classes of aircraft and new systems, and you can see how complex job hunting can get.

For a good look at this job market, check out Aviation Employment, a major US aviation industry job site. If you search avionics technician jobs, you’ll see how many different roles there are.

Note: You’ll see quite a few useful things on Aviation Employment if you browse around the tabs and features. This site is worth bookmarking as a quick reference for career materials, resumes, and industry news.

Avionics Technician Job Search Online

Do not use job titles or generic words as search terms. You’ll get hundreds of results, most of which you won’t be able to use.

Search instead:

  • Skills (fabrication, power plant, radar, etc.)
  • Certifications
  • System types
  • Aircraft types
  • Employers (Aviation Employment has a list)

Any identifying search term that doesn’t include generic terms will work a lot better and find the jobs you want.

If you’re a senior aviation technician, include words like classes or gradings or other descriptions of experienced professional status. You may find your qualifications and experience also fit supervisor or management roles.

Other Avionics Technician Job Search Options

  • Staffing agencies: You’ll have noticed on Aviation Employment that a lot of job ads are handled by staffing agencies and recruiters. That’s a definite option for experienced avionics technicians, because these agencies get the jobs before they’re advertised. Some even handle major recruiting drives by big national companies, so there are good jobs to be found this way.
  • One note of caution: The trouble with being a technician is that people tend to be absolutely clueless about your work. They may or may not understand the relevance of certifications, qualifications, and types of system. Find a staffing agency or recruiter who is definitely on the ball, and has definitely made placements in your field.
  • Contracting: This is self employment in one way, but someone else is paying for it. You can go into business supplying avionics technician services on the basis of any certification you have. This is a real option, and you may find your services get repeat business, because airlines, pilots, and other ground crews appreciate your work on its merits.