Job Search Tips for Car Hauling Jobs

Car hauling jobs may be a good career choice if you enjoy being on the open road, you don't mind lots of driving or you like checking out the scenery and the local landscape of various locations.

Job Description

A car hauler transports vehicles from Point A to Point B, either with self-owned transport equipment or a large transport company's equipment. As a car hauler, you must have the appropriate credentials, such as a valid driver’s license and reliable equipment.

Networking to find car hauling jobs takes time, but as long as you continue to look for available jobs regularly, you can develop a prosperous career. Be sure to check with your state in terms of what other required credentials, certifications and the like you need to operate as a car hauler.

Visiting Car Dealerships

Start by visiting or making connections with car dealerships in your general area to land possible car hauling jobs. While most dealerships have their regular haulers, you might inquire about filling in or picking up any extra work the regulars cannot accommodate. Inform the general manager or fleet manager, or whoever hires car haulers, of your qualifications to haul cars for this dealership.

Finding Used-Car Dealerships

Contact used-car dealerships the same way. Also contact used-car departments within factory dealerships. Many used-car dealerships have a high turnover of used cars on any given day, so they may need more than one or two car haulers. Try to set up a time to talk with the manager of the used car lot, dealership or department in person to match a name with a face. Call ahead of time to find out who the appropriate individual is and make a scheduled appointment. If you just show up, you might be wasting your time, or the manager may be with a customer or out of the office.

Hunting Online

Check online for car hauling jobs. Besides websites dedicated solely to car hauling jobs, you could find information for online bulletin boards sponsored by local neighborhoods. Also check the sites for transport or hauling companies.

Perusing Auto Magazines

Leaf through auto magazines and auto trading magazines that have classified listings for car hauling jobs. You can also check trucking magazines for similar listings placed by companies or individuals.

Stop at Gas Stations

Leave your business cards at local gas stations and service repair centers which may ultimately attract potential customers. Ask the manager or owner if it is all right before you leave your business cards.

Contact Colleges

Check with the admissions offices at colleges or local community colleges about where you can advertise your car hauling services. College-bound students may need car hauling either to or from the college, and they want a reliable person at a reasonable rate. This could be a way to pick up side jobs.