Job Search Tips for Exercise Physiologist Jobs

Exercise physiologist jobs exist in everything from schools to hospitals to certain companies. Use these tips to discover where to look for jobs and how to boost your job prospects.

Get Certification and Licensing

Working in an exercise physiologist job requires you to be properly certified and licensed. Look around for the various kinds of certification offered in your area that will allow you to seek exercise physiologist jobs. Once you are licensed to work, you should look for jobs available in various fields, since many of the jobs will be disguised.

Check with Schools, Companies and Fitness Centers

Usual employers for exercise physiologist jobs include schools, companies and fitness centers. Fitness centers and gyms are always on the lookout for exercise physiologists, so they are the first places most exercise physiologists look for jobs. On certain occasions you will find schools and companies seeking to fill exercise physiologist job positions for their fitness programs. Such jobs should not only fit your qualifications but also allow you to work in a lively atmosphere.

Check with Hospitals and Research Centers

Most hospitals require fitness experts for certain patients. With enough experience, you should encounter too much difficulty getting a job here. Besides hospitals, a lot of research centers offer exercise physiologist jobs because of the number of trials related to the health of people.

Consider Celebrities/Athletes/Famous Personalities

Landing a job with any famous personality would certainly make for an easy life. Such jobs are few and far between. Combined with the fact that a celebrity/athlete/other famous personality will only hire someone he/she hears of from a trusted source, you should get ready to build a comprehensive network that can eventually get you in touch with the right people. Once you land your first such job, you will more or less be considered a specialist in this field, and finding future jobs with famous personalities should be easier.

Don't Forget Animals

Surprising as it might sound, people are beginning to realize the utility of exercise physiologists for training animals. Race horses are most often required to be trained. If working with animals is second nature to you, this field would certainly have your dream job. You might need to gain further training before you can take up such a job.

Peek at the Classifieds

As with almost all kinds of jobs today, exercise physiologist jobs are listed by the dozen online. Look around on bulletin boards and online job search portals such as Also turn to your local newspaper’s classified advertisements.

Know What They Call You

You might be comfortable with your title of "exercise physiologist," but many people aren’t. So the next time you spot an ad for, say, a physical therapist, don’t skip it. Trainer, wellness expert and fitness expert are some of the titles people might use when looking for exercise physiologists. Learn of all such variations and keep track of them.