Job Search Tips for Flatbed Trucking Jobs

Flatbed trucking jobs are some of the best paying in the trucking industry and there is also a constant demand for them. However, it's also considered one of the more difficult trucking jobs. This article will look at some tips for getting flatbed jobs.


Because driving a flatbed requires extra skill and experience, you won't have much luck getting a job driving one if you're a new driver just out of trucking school. You will generally need at least six months' steady experience driving a regular big rig before being considered for a flatbed job. A year's experience is a more common prerequisite. You'll also need a spotless driving record.

A big part of the difference in driving flatbeds is handling awkward loads on an open trailer. Get all the information you can about this kind of driving, whether it's through Internet resources, books or talking to an experienced flatbed truck driver. The last option, talking to someone with experience, is by far the best.


Once you've got experience with a regular truck under your belt, it's time to find out who is offering flatbed trucking jobs. Truckers are some of the very best networkers around and are usually more than eager to tell you who's offering the best opportunities...and who to avoid! Make use of this ready-made network by asking around places where truckers gather, such as truck stops, restaurants or hotels. It won't take long to make a connection.

The school where you learned your truck driving skills is also a great source of job leads. Many of them are in constant contact with the major trucking companies, including the ones using flatbeds. Try their placement department for some leads on who's hiring.

There are also quite a few companies that specialize in flatbed trucking jobs. It's common sense to look up such companies and see if they have anything available. Even if they don't, they can keep your name on their list if something comes up.

Online job hunting

Although good old-fashioned person-to-person networking is still the best way to find jobs, modern technology has provided us with a very convenient tool called the Internet. There are literally hundreds, if not more, websites devoted to finding trucking jobs. One of the very best is This website is very easy to use and you can narrow your job search down to flatbed trucking. It also provides a place for you to post your resume and interact with other trucking professionals.

This is a good place to mention that a concise, powerful resume is essential when looking for work. This includes a resume that you are able to post online and send electronically to prospective employers. The resume should include trucking achievements like miles driven without an accident, assignments completed on time and any sort of commendation or good marks from trucking school. If you have little experience with using the Internet, take the time to learn how. It's an investment that will pay off big time in the future.

Flatbed trucking jobs are out there and waiting for good drivers like you to fill them!