Job Search Tips for Flight Engineer Jobs

Flight engineer jobs are reducing in number due to technological advances in aviation industry. Flight engineers, also called second officers, assist the pilot in flying large aircrafts. Flight engineers take control of the plane only in the rarest of cases, but they have important responsibilities on board the aircraft. Before taking off, the flight engineer is responsible for the inspection of the plane's technical and mechanical systems. In case some problem is detected, the flight engineer carries out the repairs with the help of technicians and readies the aircraft for the flight. Below are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while scouting flight engineer jobs.

Placement Consultants

There are several placement consultants and agencies in the market that specifically cater to jobs in aviation. These consultancies or recruitment agencies are usually contacted by aviation companies to fill the vacancies in their firms. You should submit your resume to these consultancies and register with them by paying small fees. The services offered by placement consultants are usually free (apart from registration fees) since they charge the companies for providing them the right candidate. You can even specify any particular requirements, like the kind of job and company you are looking for. These are one of the best places to scout for a flight engineer jobs.

Professional Organizations

There are many professional organizations and institutions in aviation industry, like the Allied Pilots Association, ATPCO, Air Transport Association, The National Business Aviation Association and National Coalition for Aviation Education. Most of these organizations have separate wings that help recent college graduates in the job search and also aid experienced flight engineers. These organizations are best for obtaining all the information you need in job seeking, such as company profiles and the work culture.

Networking and Media

Check the newspaper classifieds for flight engineer jobs. Another beneficial option is networking, as it helps you to be in touch with people and organizations in your field. Also, since the people in your network are already working with aviation firms, they can inform you if the company they work for has any openings. Before commencing the job hunt, you can contact former colleagues and acquaintances. There are a few online forums and communities as well that are dedicated to aviation industry. These are the best places to get news about openings for flight engineer jobs.


Job search engines available online makes it easy to search for flight engineer jobs. Almost all the major job search websites aid you in finding the right kind of flight engineer job. Visit job search engines that are dedicated to the aviation industry. These websites also provide tips, articles and sample resumes from expert and professionals from the aviation industry. This helps you to craft a perfect resume for the job. Along with these services, the websites arrange seminars and workshops to keep you updated on the latest trends in the job market for flight engineers. Many of these websites offer services exclusively to the registered members. When you sign up with these websites, they supply you with all the information on vacancies through emails.