Job Search Tips for Freelance CAD Jobs

Freelance CAD job may be the answer to the most basic needs of any designer. There’s a lot of challenges, design concepts and extremely interesting work around, and CAD is now the major design medium in all industries. This work can be extremely valuable, both in terms of income and experience.

Freelance CAD Job Search Online

The actual job search is relatively easy in terms of the “CAD” terminology, but job quality is a real issue for designers. Freelance CAD jobs vary in quality as well as income values. It’s necessary to make distinction between time and job values, and set some standards in terms of job values.

Searching for the right jobs is simple. Use CAD in conjunction with your preferred area of design. This removes extraneous results and focuses on specifics. It also allows you to concentrate on job quality issues effectively. When assessing a job, consider its value as portfolio material. Freelance CAD jobs are portfolio based jobs to a very large extent. If you’re going for a contract, you need to be able to present good examples of top quality work.

A good site for freelance CAD jobs is iFreelance, a major US site. This is a competitive bidding site, and it’s particularly useful in terms of assessing the freelance CAD job market as well as the market rates for work and the quality of the competition.

Note: iFreelance also allows you to post a profile. When you’re posting, make sure to do a good presentation of yourself, your rates, and your work. This acts as a passive job hunting mechanism, and can generate quite a lot of inquiries, because iFreelance is the top site on Google for this type of work.

Other Freelance CAD Job Search Options

The nature of freelance CAD jobs allows a lot of flexibility in job hunting, and you can achieve quite a lot by following multiple basic job options in CAD design work.

Some of the professions using freelance CAD outsourcing for jobs include:

  • Product design: Particularly good for those qualified, and can lead to a lot of return business from product manufacturers and designers.
  • Architecture: if you’re qualified, keep an eye on these jobs, because they're excellent regular business.
  • Engineering: This is often very good, basic work with useful portfolio materials.
  • Construction: Very common as an outsourcing job, and excellent as a source of more work.
  • Advanced design: If you’re experienced in systems or components design, whether it’s equipment for a production processes or reinforcement for a building, the best option for freelance CAD jobs is specialist employers. 

Finding these types of job is much easier than it looks. Qualified designers are usually in demand somewhere, and the employers won’t mind having a spare designer when they need one. Cold canvassing, direct approach to design firms, manufacturers and construction design businesses can be very productive.


Networking in relation to any form of design is a bit different from the typical image of business networking, but works the same way. Clients and professional contacts can be very good sources of information and job leads.

Freelance CAD jobs can be excellent career opportunities to really develop your skills and your business. If you’re looking for challenges as well as good job options, this job search could be the start of a great career as a designer.