Job Search Tips for Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

A freelance graphic design job search is actually fun, as well as informative. You can find real surprises, too, job opportunities you may not have even thought possible.

As a freelancer, you should be aware that all information about the job market and what the market is looking for is valuable. Freelance graphic design job ads are like news items. You can see which skills are in demand and what sorts of jobs are paying best.

This is important information, even if the ads aren't what you want. You can also find out a lot about the people advertising and check out what other work they may have. If you're a specialist, an interesting project can have some interesting connections, particularly in animation and other high-value areas of graphic design.

Freelance Graphic Design Job Search Online

Job searching in graphic design online has one major nuisance factor. Anything called "graphics" will show up in search results. The best way to avoid this situation is to use specific terms related to the job you want.

There are a few ways of cutting down on search results:

  • Subject matter and products: Graphic design subjects and products are good areas to define graphic design jobs. "Advertising," "logos," "greeting cards," "anime characters"--you can get a general idea of the job requirements. If you use such terms for your preferred fields, your job search is much simpler.
  • Design types: The range of graphic design jobs is huge, and narrowing it down for job searches is absolutely necessary. Searching a design type like 3D, for example, really specifies the job type and role. Illustration is another design type that naturally finds the right jobs on the big job boards.
  • Specialist sites: The "freelance" part of the job search is a primary consideration, and working as a freelancer is more of an asset than you might think. Freelance graphic design jobs have taken off as a major job market in their own right.

Specialist job sites like the big US site have begun to service this employment market. These sites are very good news for people looking for work in freelance graphic design and for all freelancers because you really get the pick of the job market. 

Other Freelance Graphic Design Job Search Options

Networking: Graphic design jobs, like other jobs, are usually advertised only when the advertiser can't fill the jobs directly. This is where networking pays off, where a contact can find a graphic artist quickly. The network saves time and money for the employer because the time delay in the advertising process is avoided.

Networking is also very useful for established freelance graphic designers in terms of contacting new business prospects. These networks can be built up during your career, and you'll find they provide a respectable percentage of your regular work. 

Cold canvassing: This is one of the traditional artist's job-seeking techniques, This approach can pay off very well indeed, provided you're targeting an employer who's a reasonable prospect for your work. It's advisable to do some research beforehand to ensure that you're not wasting your time and that the targeted employer is receptive to unsolicited work.