Job Search Tips for Hospice Nurse Jobs

Hospice nurse job search are a very mixed bag. They include basic nursing, administration, counseling, and in some cases other work like data entry. The hospice nurse jobs are to some extent a generic term for this type of work. There are also multiple levels of nursing work involved, including Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant and other roles also categorized as  “Hospice nurse jobs."

That, naturally, doesn’t make your job search much easier, unless you’re at entry level. There are also many different types of care services, including long term care, so that description creates another series of issues for job search. The Registered Nurse jobs are also a pretty diverse collection of roles, which also makes job hunting a complex process.

Hospice Nurse Job Issues

Compatibility of the hospice nurse jobs with career progression is another issue. This is a different stream of nursing from the typical mainstream RN work, and it’s definitely not for everyone.  Some hospice nurse job ads are also hybrid jobs. Geriatric care and “end life care” are typical examples of this type of mixed job.

Hospice Nurse Job Search Online

The online job search has to be conducted on the basis of skills and  qualifications. The generic “hospice nurse” search doesn’t find much more than a large number of results, most of which you don’t need. Use search terms which relate directly to your type of work.

Use search terms which equate the hospice role with another specialty, or a particular skill. If you specialize in a particular area of therapy or care, that’s the best option for targeting the jobs you want.

Note: Another thing to look out for in this particular job search is the very broad range of types of job on offer, including temp jobs, shifts, per diem, part time, and other types of employment. Make sure you include the correct category of job, to reduce unwanted search results.

Specialist Sites

If you’re a senior nurse, you may be advised to check out the specialist health care sites like Hospital Jobs Online. This is a major US site with a full national search range and properly categorized nursing jobs. There’s also a lot of useful resources on this site, including resume help, journals, education and interview tips. (This is a “sign-in” site, and it’s well worth bookmarking as a quick reference.)

Other Hospice Nurse Job Search Options

Staffing agencies: These can be particularly helpful for experienced nurses looking for specific roles and career progression. Agencies get jobs before they’re advertised, and most jobs in the health sector, as you will have noticed, are handled by agencies in some form or other.

When checking out agencies, look for:

  • Agencies which you know are making placements
  • Specialist agencies handling nursing jobs
  • Local agencies with direct connections to local employers

The advantage of agencies is having both a passive job hunting method and a targeted job search working for you. In this very complex employment environment, it helps to have an extended job search approach.

Note: Hospital Jobs Online also has a very long list of staffing agencies.