Job Search Tips for Neonatal Nurse Jobs

When you are applying for neonatal nurse jobs, think of your job search as a competition. You need to create a strategy that outlines steps toward reaching your goal of acquiring job interviews. Listed below, you will find job search tips for neonatal nurse jobs that are designed to help you locate the right job for you with as little stress as possible.

Internet Job Boards

Nearly every available neonatal nurse job will be posted on the Internet in at least one location. There are hundreds of job search websites that you can look through, but we suggest starting with a site that is designed specifically for nursing jobs. Utilize websites like, which will link you directly to the jobs that you are interested in, without forcing you to weed through irrelevant positions. After visiting these websites, create a list of relevant positions and set it to the side. As soon as you gather information on a few ideal neonatal nurse positions, decide which ones are worthy of the time it will take to create a well-written cover letter. Do a bit of research to ensure that you would be willing to work in the hospitals where these positions are located. Then you should take the time to write a solid cover letter and properly apply for the position.

Contact Recruiters

It can be helpful to send your resume to various recruiting agencies in your area. If they find a position that they believe you are qualified for, they will contact you immediately. It is important to remember that many hospitals will not use external recruiters for their hiring purposes. Most hospitals have internal recruiters that are responsible for finding qualified candidates. Visit the websites of all the hospitals in your area to see if they are hiring for neonatal nurse jobs. Even if the hospital is not hiring at the moment, it is beneficial to send a cover letter and resume to the human resources department for positions that may become available in the future. While recruiters are very helpful, you must continue to search for available positions.


The most effective way to find neonatal nurse jobs is by meeting members of the health care industry. Attend networking events as often as possible. In addition, use networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as resources for meeting people who may be able to give you job search advice. Networking can lead to referrals, which increase your chances of obtaining a job. Successful networking takes time and patience, so stick with it until you have found a job.

Stick with It

Finding a neonatal nurse job can take months. If one strategy isn't working, switch to another--but do not give up. Put your job search at the top of your priority list and spend several hours each day looking for open positions. If possible, ask friends and family members to help you with your job search. With dedication and determination, you can find a very good neonatal nurse job.