Job Search Tips for Neurosurgeon Jobs

Neurosurgeon jobs are highly demanding and challenging in nature. Only the best of medical students are suitable for the neurosurgery fellowship program. After a lengthy period of study and training you can start searching for an opening as a neurosurgeon. But it can be frustrating if you do not obtain proper opportunities in spite of completing the required qualifications. You should know about basic search tips that can help you in your job search process.  

Prior to Job Search                                                                                                                                                       

An articulate resume is the first tool which can indicate your personality to any potential employer, so ensure your resume details your specialization and skills in a clear and concise manner. Include your personal contact information such as your  physical address, email address, fixed line or cellular phone numbers on your resume so that the employer can contact you directly. Prepare a cover letter that can be attached with your resume so employers are aware of your goals. If they are not satisfied or impressed with the cover letter then chances are that they will not take the time to look at your resume.

Placement Consultancies

You can register with a local placement consultant to search for neurosurgeon jobs. Though any placement consultant can provide you with an opportunity, as a neurosurgeon, it is wise to form a relationship with a consultant who specializes in the healthcare field. If your college has a placement consultant cell, post your updated resume in that cell so that you are notified  of new job openings as they are made available. You should also take advantage of free job searches and interview technique workshops conducted by such placement consultancies.


With the Internet, it becomes easier to search for jobs since there are multiple job search sites available. You can register with a reliable job search engine site like which specializes in healthcare job opportunities and upload your current resume. For you, this is probably the proper course of action. The advantage of posting a resume with such a site is that you would receive a list of relevant opportunities, where otherwise, if you only work with large search engines, you may be flooded with irrelevant job listings and possibly unrelated spam email.

Social Network                                                                                                                                                        

Join professional organizations like the American Association for Neurosurgeons (AANS) so you can keep abreast of the career trends pertaining to neurosurgeon jobs. In fact, there is an AANS Online Career center to help neurosurgeons search for a job that suits their experience, location, expertise, and expectations. Such organizations conduct meetings for its members to apprise them of the current trends in neurosurgery. You can better equip yourself for neurosurgeon jobs by attending periodical workshops or seminars conducted by these sorts of associations. With the help of college alumni associations and social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can maintain and build relationships with other neurosurgeons. This can provide you with hospital lists which have new job openings for neurosurgeons. This is what you want to see rather than being sent ten emails a day that have nothing to do with your intentions or goals.   

Employee referrals

Most often hospitals depend on employee referrals to recruit potential neurosurgeons. So it is advisable to have your friends, who are neurosurgeons, contact you with the new job openings, that sprout up, in their department.

Final Word

Do not give up or feel frustrated if you do not succeed in obtaining a job immediately. With your education, your field is limited and the demand for neurosurgeon jobs is high. You may have to take a position that is outside of your area, be flexible and good things will happen.