Job Search Tips for Nuclear Medicine Physician Jobs

Nuclear medicine physician jobs demand you to be a qualified and trained specialist. Nuclear medicine physicians use radionuclide for diagnosing and treating several diseases. Nuclear medicine forms a completely different and unique branch in therapeutics. In this type of therapy, low doses of radioactive isotopes or radionuclides are used in treatment and diagnosis of the disease. In this technique, when radionuclide is combined with certain drugs, it forms radiopharmaceuticals that act as radiotracers due to the emission of gamma rays. These gamma rays form an image of the selected internal organ. The primary duty of nuclear medicine physician is to prescribe proper treatment by interpreting such scans and images. Consider the following pointers while searching for a job.

Placement Consultants

Scouting for a nuclear medicine physician can be very lengthy and difficult, as contacting each hospital to check if they have any vacancies is very crude. The process is made easier by placement consultants. Placement agencies are usually hired by hospitals for their staffing needs. These professionally managed agencies possess the exact information about vacant positions. Registering yourself with such placement agencies is highly recommended. Placement agencies, based on your preferences, match your resume with the job description they receive from organizations. If the match is found, you are contacted for further recruitment procedures.

Professional Organizations

There are several medical associations, as well as health care associations that you need be member of. The Society for Nuclear Medicine is one such association. Being a member of this association enables you to get proper leads. Employers prefer candidates associated with professional organizations. An association also is a good place to develop and maintain contacts with people from the industry.

Online Resources

Many websites are dedicated to health care industry professionals. These websites not only help you search available jobs, but also offer job hunt related information. In the form of articles, they tell you how to face interviews, prepare for jobs, and write impressive resumes and cover letters. Health care industry experts and HR managers usually contribute to these sites.


It is advisable to develop and maintain contacts with people in the health care industry who may be directly or indirectly related your profession. These contacts are often the main source of leads for vacant jobs. Apart from this, you can also check with your former colleagues or friends who might be working in a similar field. It is common practice in many hospitals and organizations to motivate their employees to refer a friend to fill in the vacant positions. Keeping in contact with friends will help you grab any such opportunity.

Online social networking is another place where you can take advantage of your acquaintances. Apart from social networking there are numerous websites that help you connect professionally. Some forums and online communities are entirely dedicated to nuclear medicine physicians.

Important Information

It is as important to prepare for the job interviews. Placement agencies, online forums and communities, and professional organizations regularly conduct workshops and training programs related to nuclear medicine. Attending such events will boost your chances of grabbing the right opportunity.