Job Search Tips for Nurse Midwife Jobs

Nurse midwives offer gynecological and obstetrical care to women prior to and during the birth process and there are many nurse midwife jobs available to certified practitioners.


There are two different types of midwives. The first is the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). These practitioners are registered nurses who have completed an accredited educational program recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). The second type is the Certified Midwife (CM) who received professional training in a related health program such as a physical therapy, and who graduate from an ACME accredited program. Both CNMs and CMs complete the same national examination, but only registered nurses can receive the CNM designation.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives has a directory of educational programs, including online education programs, on their website.


For any profession, attending conferences is a necessary part of professional development and networking. The networking opportunities offered by the conferences, especially to new professionals, are worthwhile for meeting other nurse midwives who can recommend the job seeker to their employer or who may have the authority to hire new nurse midwives. The agenda will usually include information on becoming a solo practitioner or on self-employment within the field. The annual conference for nurse midwives also includes special sessions for students or new practitioners. There is also a work option that will help students pay for the cost of the conference.

The exhibit hall will also offer suppliers and resources for nurse midwives and some of these suppliers may also hire nurse midwives. These exhibitors may offer employment opportunities for nurse midwives who want to remain in the profession, but who may no longer be able to practice as nurse midwives; for example, they have a repetitive stress injury or they need to take care of a family member and can’t work the sometimes odd hours required by women in labor.

Career Fairs

Career fairs, usually part of a conference, hosted by a school or specifically aimed at health care professionals, are good sources for nurse midwife jobs. Attend career fairs that are industry specific and where the list of attending employers is publicly available to make sure that the employers or employers from a specific region will be attending the career fair. It is not beneficial to attend a career fair where only employers from California are represented when the job seeker would prefer to work in Vermont.

Online Job Search

Nurse midwives can also find employment opportunities online by focusing their job search on niche job search boards. A niche board only serves a specific industry, such as health care, as opposed to a general board that posts for a wide range of industries. A niche board may have fewer jobs listed but these jobs are usually all relevant to the profession. An example of a niche job board is Hospital Jobs Online where the nurse midwife can focus their job search by level of certification or specific region. is the job board for the American College of Nurse-Midwives. The job board provides keyword and filtered job search options. On the keyword search, the job seeker can search by job title and by preferred location. The filter search allows the job seeker to search by location, employer and jobs requiring certification. The filtered search also has an interesting feature: a lifestyle search. The lifestyle search allows the job seeker to look by amenities offered in the posting, such as work on the coast, work in areas with skiing, amongst other lifestyle filters. This website includes a career center with articles and advice for job seekers within this field.