Job Search Tips for Nursing Instructor Jobs

Currently there is a tremendous shortage of not only nurses but those who train and educate them. Nursing instructor jobs are in such short supply that many nursing school candidates have been turned away due to lack of faculty. Therefore, it's a great time to consider becoming a nursing instructor. This article will provide some facts on the position and how to obtain it.

Definition and Duties

A nursing instructor is both a professional nurse and a professional educator. He or she teaches nursing students in what they need to know to become competent and successful nurses. There are as many areas of nursing instruction as there are nursing jobs. An instructor can teach specialized courses in pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, radiology, and more. The instructor must develop and arrange all lectures, tests and exams in their course load. It is a time-consuming and demanding job, but one that can provide tremendous satisfaction.


The National League of Nursing requires that a qualified nursing instructor hold a Master's Degree in Nursing. In some cases, smaller programs will allow an instructor to teach having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as long as they are proceeding to the Master's Degree. Needless to say, the Master's Degree requires a significant investment of time and money.

A nursing instructor should spend a considerable amount of time working in the field they are teaching. Often years of work in that field are needed before the instructor is qualified to teach.

Nursing Organizations

A nursing instructor is part of a huge network of practicing nurses and has access to many resources to find a position. The country's largest nursing organization, the American Nursing Association, has a presence anywhere there is a nurse and is a great source of information concerning nursing instructor jobs. Almost every area of the country needs nursing faculty and the ANA is looking to fill the gap.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is a large organization specifically devoted to nursing education and they, too, can provide tips on open nursing instructor positions. Their website provides a lot of links devoted to career development and job information.

Internet Job Search

The internet provides a fabulous tool to look for nursing instructor jobs. There are thousands of job search websites that are tailored to finding both nursing and education jobs. One of the most useful is This site is very user friendly and has several different criteria you can easily use to find open positions. Not only that, but you can post your own resume there, get career tips and advice and talk to others in the forum.

Many people today are taking advantage of social networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote themselves on line. Creating a personalized page for job purposes is a fine idea but make sure to keep any "personal" comments well away from the page. That has been known to trip up potential job seekers.

A qualified nursing instructor has made many professional contracts during their career. Take advantage of the network you have created to get information on available positions.