Job Search Tips for OB/GYN Physician Jobs

Landing OB/GYN physician jobs are a lot easier these days because the field has opened up from years ago. Today, it is possible to serve as an OB/GYN doctor in more places than just at a hospital.

What it Is

An OB/GYN physician is someone who specializes in all areas of women’s health ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to family planning and administering pap smears.

Just when you thought there weren’t any more choices, there are quite a few places you might be able to work as an ob gyn including clinics, fertility centers and private practices.

Before Job Hunting

Make sure you have all your credentials, licenses, résumé and CV in order before you start job hunting. You should be ready at a moment's notice to show any of these items if you are called for a job interview. Dress accordingly and bring these papers with you to show your potential employer your experience and schooling.

Contact Local Hospitals

Of course, the most obvious choice to find a job as an OB/GYN physician is at your local hospital. Contact the Human Resources Department and make an appointment with the director to share your credentials and experience. While there may not be an opening at that moment, it is important that you get your name on the department radar so when a position does materialize, your name will already be in the mix.

Online Searches

There are a number of online physician job searches that can help you find listings in the city you hope to work. Web sites such as are geared toward helping you find the right position for you and they often are sought out by the employer first with a job listing.

Call on the Family Doctor

Talk with your family OB/GYN about the industry and if he/she has heard about any job openings. You can also ask you girlfriend, mother or female friends for the name of their OB/GYN and send the doctor your information or contact the office directly.

Visit Area Health Clinics

Most cities have clinics that are often in dire need of an OB/GYN physician and you might be lucky enough to land a position at one if the timing is appropriate. Contact the director or the main principle or doctor at the clinic to see if there are any openings. You can mention your experience and offer your service if an opening does come up in the near future.

Medical Schools

Stay in touch with your own medical school to learn about ob gyn physician job openings that they might have heard about. Medical schools tend to have large bulletin boards or even a special department that specifically deals with the placement of their graduates in various jobs.

Hire a Recruiter

Hiring a headhunter or a medical job recruiter is always an option, however, it will most likely cost some sort of fee. These professionals can be found in phonebooks, through online listings or by simply asking your colleagues if they may have used one such person to land their own OB/GYN physician job.