Job Search Tips for Occupational Medicine Physician Jobs

Occupational medicine physician jobs are a necessary and growing part of the American health care infrastructure. The outlook for growth in this field is exceptional. This article will provide some tips on how you can find occupational medicine physician jobs.

Definition and Duties

The occupational medicine physician specializes in the relationship between work and health. Much of occupational medicine is concerned with safety in the workplace and deals with chemicals, ergonomics and other effects of the working environment on health. Occupational medicine used to be known as industrial medicine, but the new description conveys a broader approach that includes workplaces outside of typical factories.

Many occupational medicine physicians work for government agencies such as OSHA or state and municipal workplace safety organizations. Others are employed directly by corporations. The occupational medicine physician is unusual in that he or she often does not work in the typical hospital or clinic environment.

Networking and Occupational Medicine Physician Jobs

Each occupational medicine physician must perform 3 years of residency in occupational medicine, usually with a government agency or research organization. During this period, you make many valuable connections in both the medical and business worlds. These connections form a network you can make use of for job leads. Contact past supervisors and co-workers to get an idea of where possible openings are in occupational medicine.

The universities and schools where you studied can also provide assistance. Almost any educational institution worth its salt has an active placement program where you can find tips on future opportunities.

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is the largest professional organization dealing specifically with this line of work. This organization can offer you assistance as well. The website has a section devoted to furthering advancement in the occupational medicine field. You may also want to look for state and regional organizations that deal with the field.

Using the Internet

With today's Internet technology, looking for work is more convenient than ever. The Web has hundreds of websites devoted to health care work. One of these is The site has several different criteria you can use to find openings and also an area where you can post your resume. Other sections provide advice on resume writing, interviewing and other job-hunting skills. You can also interact with other professionals on a message board.

You may want to look into creating your own personal website in order to market your skills. Make sure that the website is as professional as possible. You are selling yourself to thousands of potential employers. Don't try to be too fancy with all sorts of special effects. And make sure you target those who need to see it the most.

Another alternative is using popular social networking websites like LinkedIn and Facebook to get the word out. Apply the same care to using these that you would in setting up a paper resume. You want to keep your personal activities and opinions completely separate from your professional persona.