Job Search Tips for Owner Operator Truck Driver Jobs

Owner operator truck driver jobs make for a lucrative business, allowing you to earn a lot more than traditional company driver jobs. But in spite of all your driving skills, and notwithstanding your newly bought truck, jobs might be difficult to come by in the early phase of your career. These job search tips for owner operator truck driver jobs will inform you about ways to look for jobs that you might not have considered before. Once you build a reputation for yourself, clients will automatically approach you for more jobs.

Online Search, Offline Advertisements and Networking

Search for job portals and classifieds online. Sites such as would be your best bet to find a job online. Also read the advertisements in local magazines and newspapers. You will find plenty of opportunities. Above all, build a network of contacts. If you never were the friendly type, now would be a good time to change that. Make acquaintances in all places that count, including manufacturing industries and shipment companies.

Look for Companies that Hire Owner-Operators

Some companies look to hire owner operator truck drivers. You will still retain much of your independence. You will still get to decide which loads to haul and when. Maintenance and gas will still have to be paid for by you, though, unless you run into one of those few companies that will take care of those things for you. Getting hired by a company allows you to get the best of both worlds—working as an owner operator with the security of continuous job flow.

Become a Member of an Association

There might be an association of owner operator truck drivers in your region. If there’s one, join it. Doing so will allow potential clients to get in touch with you more easily. Many associations even have websites/magazines where they list the names and contact details of truck drivers. Getting yourself listed might cause more jobs to come your way.

Look for the Best Location

Even before you buy your truck, do your research well and find out which part of your country has the best owner operator truck driver jobs available. Within your country, you will be allowed to work anywhere you wish, so it is best to settle in a place that provides the highest job possibility. Keep an eagle eye out for locations that have lots of manufacturing industries. Even places that have good companies hiring owner operators will do the trick.

Market Yourself Actively

When no job seems to be coming your way, it might be time to get your hands dirty and play a more active role in marketing yourself. Find the companies that hire a lot of owner operator truck drivers, draft a letter and send it to them, highlighting your experience and availability. Politely ask whether they are looking for new owner operators and offer your services. You might just get lucky.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to advertise yourself either. Contact your local daily and see if it is affordable for you to place an ad looking for clients.