Job Search Tips for Tanker Truck Driving Jobs

Tanker truck driving jobs require a bit more skill and experience than regular big rig driving. Because of this, tanker truck driving jobs tend to pay more. This article will provide a few tips on finding these rewarding trucking jobs.

Preparing for Tanker Truck Driving Jobs

Because tanker truck driving is more involved than driving a typical truck, it's unlikely you'll be hired right out of driving school. Employers want somebody with a proven safety record to haul their loads, so plan on at least 6 months of standard semi driving before you'll get a look. In many cases it will require even more time. And your driving record will have to be blemish-free. Even more than usual, safety comes first for tanker truck drivers.

You should be familiar with the special regulations and procedures for hauling tankers. Find out all you can about these requirements. See if you can find a tanker driver and ask a few questions. Failing that, the Internet is a quick way to find information. The more prepared you are, the quicker you'll get used to the way tankers do things.

Networking with Schools, Companies and Other Truckers

Once you've got knowledge and a good driving record under your belt, start seeking those tanker truck driving jobs. The best way to do this is by good old-fashioned networking. Nobody gets word of good trucking jobs quicker than another trucker. You should have a network already built up with your early trucking jobs. If not, just ask around at places where truckers congregate. Most will be eager to share what knowledge they have.

Also make use of the school where you learned your trucking skills. Most of the better trucking schools have active placement departments that are constantly in contact with companies looking for good drivers.

Certain companies are known for running tanker routes. Here are just a few of them: Airgas, Barr-Nunn, B.T. Express and Hickory Hill. Get in touch with the front offices of these companies to see if they have openings. If not, they can keep your information in case something comes up.

Using the Internet to Find Tanker Truck Driving Jobs

These days, job seekers have access to a wonderful tool called the Internet. Hundreds of websites are devoted to trucking jobs. On, you can use several methods to find tanker truck driving jobs. Not only that, but you can also post your own resume, network with other trucking professionals and get tips on job hunting.

It is essential to have both a paper and online version of your trucking resume available. Make sure yours is as concise and powerful as you can make it, with emphasis on your safe driving record. Don't try to be too fancy. Just make sure it looks professional and puts you in the best light possible. Having an electronically stored resume will save you a lot of time when you apply for jobs online.