Job Search Tips for Urban Planner Jobs

Like all professional jobs, urban planner jobs are available through networking, at professional career fairs and on internet job postings. The world of urban planners can be quite small and chances are relevant professional positions will be emailed directly other professionals. If your professional contacts know that you are looking for work, they may be willing to pass on applicable and relevant positions to you either via email or if you take them out for coffee.


It is important to never discount networking as a method to find work, since other professionals in your field are more likely to be aware of local professional jobs that you will want to apply for. Some urban planning jobs may also come to you only because a friend referred you, such as postings made available on LinkedIn, or if you missed the date to apply, but a current employee puts in a good work for you and gets your resume to the job selection committee.

Career Fairs

When you attend a conference or other major professional event, chances are a career fair will be part of the proceedings. For young professionals, career fairs allow the job seekers to shop employers for options. Large career fairs may have a wide selection of employers from across the country offering a wide range of opportunities. To get the most of these events, look at the listing of attending employers prior to going to the career fair and prepare a resume and cover letter for each of these employers.

When you enter the career fair, see the employers that least interest you first, so you have time to work on your questions and your delivery of your professional services. If you have the opportunity to go through a screening interview at the fair, show up in your professional interview attire. You can change into your casual conference clothing after your interview.

Urban planners should also look for career fairs that are not associated with the professional association. These career fairs may also offer a selection of third party recruiters or executive search firms that also handle the placement of urban planners. Make an effort to attend these events as well. Some of the most common fairs are for developers.

Online Resources

Like all professional positions, the best jobs are available on the niche, professional job boards. For example, the American Planning Association runs their own job board from their website. The local state association or networking group may also have their own job posting board or a page on LinkedIn.

You can also make an efficient search of the major Internet job boards by using a vertical search engine, such as SimplyHired, or Indeed. These major job boards pull postings from other job boards, such as Monster, or other specialized sites. Using a vertical search engine can significantly speed up the time you spend looking on online job postings, leaving you more time for research into employers and crafting an exceptional resume.