Job Search Tips for Work at Home Clerical Jobs

Work at home clerical jobs are becoming more common, but finding good jobs can be difficult. There are also a range of job scams to consider, and it’s a good idea to check the credentials of providers.

Finding Work at Home Clerical Jobs Online

The best way to find these jobs on the big job sites is to search directly through the Work At Home Jobs sections. The usual types of job are:

  • Data entry
  • Typist
  • Bookkeeping
  • Secretary
  • Office assistants
  • Customer service
  • Administration

You can break down the searches into a specific type of job, but in practice it’s better to keep an eye on all options. Not all jobs are suitable for everyone in work at home scenarios, and the need is to find a job which is both practical and pays well.

Sadly, this is also an area where job scams are quite well known, mainly because a lot of people are looking for jobs like these. For example, people seeking work may be asked to pay an “administration fee” to be sent work, or offered great jobs with “conditions” or “sign-up fees”. There are other scams, too, but the bottom line is that real employers don’t charge people for hiring them.

(The real jobs are contract jobs, and they’re almost exactly like regular jobs. Check any employer for any complaints online. If you’re not sure, play safe, and don’t pay for anything.) 

Specialist Sites

When looking for work at home clerical jobs, the specialist work at home sites are often best, and usually have a lot of jobs. A major US site,, is a case in point. This site has a very large range of work at home jobs, and you can also search by location.

Other Work at Home Clerical Job Search Options

Clerical workers are often in demand from local businesses, and in some cases from project work and outsourcers. If you’re able to do accounts, bookkeeping or similar work, you’ll find a hidden job market may be closer than you think. For administrative people, the range includes some forms of customer service, and procedural forms of administration work. 

There are various ways of finding these jobs:

  • Cold canvassing: This sometimes a slow process, but you’ll also make it known you’re looking for work, and make contact with hiring people in the local businesses. The expression of interest in the work will be a positive, and you’ll also be able to leave your resume with at least some employers.
  • Networking: This is a somewhat different form of networking to the typical business form. Networking for clerical jobs is really related to your business contacts in the area. These people can both find jobs and save you time looking for jobs in the wrong places.
  • Self-employed clerical service: This is an uncommon, but useful option. If you have the experience, you can offer services to local businesses. This service involves acting as a local outsource for overflow work and businesses which don’t really need full time staff and find it cost effective to source the work locally.