Job skills and natural abilities

Jobs skills for working people come in two forms, training or natural abilities. Using your abilities to find work is the ideal method and outcome. How does the ex-offender relate this to job skills? You, even as an ex-offender, have certain abilities and skills which you were born with or are naturally good with. In using these abilities to work to your advantage you can qualify yourself easily for the jobs which you apply.

Knowing what skill and ability you have is the easy part. Using your abilities to find work in related fields is the part requiring some thought. Here are some combinations which could work:

  • Computers/Handyman - computer repair, computer maintenance, computer building, computer installation
  • Outdoors/Mechanic - farm work, diesel repair,
  • Painting/Design - CAD, draftsman, interior design, advertising, billboards, sign making, building restoration, custom body shop and paint,

Another way of using your abilities to work would be through things you have done in your free time. Many ex-offenders developed interests which can become job skills such as some of the following:

  • Photography - any job related to photographing or videography can use this ability
  • Drawing - anything from marketing, advertising, design, an elementary drafting can use this
  • Sewing - tailors, crafters, uniform repair, bridal shops, and other specialty businesses related to the fashion industry
  • Cooking - any type of food service industry can make use of this ability
  • Auto repair - anything from auto mechanics to motorcycles to trucks from a variety of fields make use of auto repair specialists
  • Gardening - farmers, community work and planning, group homes, conservation groups and others need people who know about soil and how to make the most use of it
  • Any Formal Education - even ex-offenders can find jobs as tutors, teaching assistants or program directors for various community or social organizations

If you are an ex-offender, and your job skills seem lacking, create a list of all your abilities including the ones you use for enjoyment. Using all of your abilities to find work will make the search for a job much more effective and easier to achieve success.