Jobs in Commercial fishing

People head to Alaska in hopes of finding an Alaska commercial fishing job. However, it should be known that seeking employment in an Alaska trawler is for the strong hearted and not for the softhearted.

An Alaska commercial fishing job leads to staying offshore for weeks at a time. It is so that the length of the boat is considered your entire world! Some of the Alaska commercial fishing jobs provide incorporated entertainment rooms with satellite TV and VCRs and workout rooms on the fishing boat. Some even have small movie theaters to increase the morale and make employment better for those working on the Alaska commercial fishing job.

However, this is usually the exception in Alaska commercial fishing jobs, as most boats do not have even radio reception, television reception or newspapers. While on job, if you do get to have a phone aboard the Alaska fishing boat, you might as well expect charges of per minute, via satellite. However, rest assured, while on job, there is hardly any time for leisure with the twelve or sixteen hour workdays!

The quarters of those on factory trawlers of Alaska commercial fishing jobs vary greatly. Some of the rooms are crammed with four to eight people with only one bathroom for each level of rooms. Other Alaska commercial fishing boats have only two people per room, with the factory supervisor trying to make sure that the two work on opposite shifts. A bathroom with a shower may be found between every two rooms here. Whichever case it be, the Alaska fishing boats have little limited space for the people working here. Each person on a job on an Alaska commercial fishing boat get one locker and a drawer to store belongings. So it is better to take only bare necessities the first time you seek an Alaska commercial fishing job.

Employment in Alaska fishing boats is varied with opportunities in different sectors of the fishing industry like working in a salmon cannery to a deckhand in an Alaska crab-fishing job. Whatever the employment in Alaska fishing boat jobs. There is little to do besides work and sleep, so everyone saves their earnings! While accommodation and food are provided, those having jobs onshore face temptation to spend their paycheck; and those having offshore jobs have a fatter wallet at the end of the fishing season. The most that may have to be spent is for the purchase of rain gear, which is usually about - for a full set of boots, rain pants and jackets.

Employment here provides a thick pay packet. Salmon fishermen can earn as much as ,000 to ,000 in three months while deck hands get about ,000 per month. The cannery and processing worker can earn about ,000 per month, while it is the crab fishermen who can earn the most at about ,000 per month. The crab and salmon fishermen have varied salaries every month; the salary is based on the amount of catch. The larger the catch, the larger is the pay packet!