keeping your foot in the nonprofit Door

Many people chose to move out of a career or chosen field for a variety of reasons. This is true of individuals working in a nonprofit organization as well. People in this position will either move from the nonprofit sector over to the private sector, or to another nonprofit organization or public career. You may be considering this choice because of salary or career path. What is the best way to do this?

What to Consider

In any situation one issue you may want to consider is continued volunteer work in the nonprofit organization. Moving from paid employee to volunteer will help you in various ways:

  • Volunteering adds benefits to your CV
  • Volunteering allows a continued contribution to a cause or issue
  • Maintaining and building your network of contacts


Moving from paid employee to volunteer in a nonprofit organization may not be an option in regards to having available time to volunteer. There are other ways of volunteering and maintaining contact with the nonprofit group. Some of these ways include the following:

  • Continuing to receive subscriptions to newsletters
  • Becoming a regular contributor via donations or material
  • Become a freelance advisor or consultant
  • Keeping in touch with personal or professional contacts

Even if you are moving from one nonprofit organization to another, using the methods above will assist you in your future career goals. How can the transition from paid employee to volunteer with an organization help?

  • Providing additional resources not readily available to your new position
  • Creating an established record of ongoing dedication
  • Continued experience and growth in various skills

Volunteering can provide both personal and professional benefits. Moving from paid employee to volunteer within an organization may help you sustain any benefits you might have gained during employment. This also allows for continued career development and improvement overall in regards to resources available and future achievements and goals.