Law Clerk Job Search Tips

Law clerk job searches can involve more reading than the law clerk job itself. If you’ve seen the position descriptions for law clerk jobs, you’ll appreciate how verbose these things can be.

The problem with a law clerk job search is that you have to work your way through the clutter and find appropriate jobs. There are several ways of doing this without spending time and effort wading through the strange concepts of job descriptions in your profession. 

Finding Law Clerk Jobs Online

There are plenty of law clerk jobs, and that’s another part of the problem. Most law clerks are qualified to do only some of these jobs. They don’t have enough experience in some areas to do others.

To complicate things a great deal more, the “law clerk job” classification is a problem on job boards and even on some professional sites. Despite the fact that there are actual job classifications and grades for some types of law clerk jobs, the search term “law clerk job” means you get everything called a law clerk job.

There’s a way around this problem. The secret with technical jobs is to use specific search terms that exclude other results. Do not use any generic terms or expressions for the law clerk role.

This is a basic search pattern you can adapt to your needs:

  • What are the most distinct parts of the job you want?
  • What terms must be included in the job description for your preferred job?
  • What type of legal practice do you want to work in?
  • Are there any particular roles, like mediation, that you want in a job?
  • Are there any roles you really would prefer to avoid?

The idea is to cover all these points with a few search terms. Actually, the fewer the better, because of the nature of search engines, which will dredge up anything if they get the chance.

Terms like “mediation” and “negotiation” are particularly useful because they’re both related to valuable professional skills and can occur only in certain types of law clerk jobs.

Other Law Clerk Job Search Options

One of the best additional law clerk job search options is networking. Keeping informed about available jobs and opportunities for experience is a major long-term asset in getting higher positions. The advantage of networking is speed and accuracy of information.

Unlike job ads, firsthand information provides good situational awareness and allows more time for preparation. It also helps you to research jobs and make sure you’re fully aware of the nature of the work, the workload and the career possibilities.

Employer searches are also excellent sources of information and contacts. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for jobs with big law firms because you can talk to their contact people and learn more about their hiring processes and other employment options.

Most importantly, this up-market job search allows you to make comparisons and do some market research regarding what skills and career options are in demand. That’s particularly useful because you can also see what skills you’ll need on your career track.