Licensed Practical Nurse Job Networking Tips

There are many ways to network while you look for a licensed practical nurse job. Although proper training is essential to acquire a licensed practical nurse job, knowing the right people will definitely help you get your foot in a few doors. Networking is a way to meet other licensed practical nurses, doctors or other members of the health care industry in order to learn more about how to apply for appropriate jobs. While networking, your first goal should be to make an impression on each of the people you meet so that they will remember you if a licensed practical nurse job opens up.

Be Prepared Everywhere

Networking begins the second you step out of your home; therefore your appearance needs to be well-polished at all times. This is not to say that you need to be dressed in business clothing in the evening or on the weekends, but look in the mirror before leaving the house. Would you offer career advice to the person looking back at you? Whether you are at a family function or a barbecue with friends, spark up conversations with people about their jobs. They will likely ask you about your career situation, which will allow you to mention that you are looking for a licensed practical nurse job. Chances are they may know someone who is willing to help you out with your job search.

Attend Official Networking Events

After you have met a few people in the health care industry, ask them if they know of any networking events coming up in the near future. Many health care associations, hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics offer happy hours or hold more formal networking events throughout the year. Attending these events can benefit your job search. Do not bring your resume, but do bring a business card, a piece of paper and a pen.

Try Online Networking

The Internet is more utilized now than ever before. Use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to meet people with ties to the health care industry. Many hospitals and clinics create Twitter accounts for their human resources departments in order to keep people up-to-date on available positions. LinkedIn is a great way to search for people with similar career objectives. You can contact people with nursing experience and ask them more about their jobs and how they were able to move up the ladder. Websites like are great resources for online networking and learning more about licensed vocational nurse jobs.

Say Thank You

After meeting new people, you can send cards thanking them for their conversation. Even if the people you meet do not have specific health care experience, contacting them will increase your chances of being remembered if they learn of a vacant licensed practical nurse job. Staying in contact with as many people as possible will increase your chances of finding the perfect job.