Long-Distance Job Search Tips

Looking for a job in another city or region can be a challenge unless you have long-distance job search tips to help. You will need to convince employers to hire you when there are plenty of local candidates to choose from. You will also need to know how to handle interviews with distant employers and deal with traveling and language barriers. Here are long-distance job seeking tips that can help.

Make a Trip to the Location in Advance

Before searching for work in a remote city or country, take the time to make an in-person visit at some point in the future to make sure you actually want to live and work there. Don't assume just because a place looks good from tourism materials or your friends, that you will enjoy living in that particular location. For many new college graduates, the idea of living somewhere exotic may seem appealing, but it can be a huge culture shock once reality sets in. Make sure to check out local housing costs, schools, economic conditions and the crime rate of any city you plan to make your home as part of a long-distance job search.

Use a Local Address and Contact Information

In order to look more like a local candidate, a tactic that can increase your chances of getting hired is to obtain a local mailing address and telephone number for the region in which you want to live and work. This can be as simple as purchasing a mailbox in the city where you are searching for work. You can also register for a voicemail account online that uses a local area calling code. So when employers are searching through resumes, you won't be eliminated from the consideration process due to interview and relocation costs.

Make Personal Connections in Your Destination City

If you are serious about getting hired in a particular destination, you will improve your chances by making personal connections in that area. In addition, when it comes time for interviews that require an overnight stay, you may be able to find friends to stay with and avoid having to use expensive hotels. Also, once you get hired with a great new company, a social network will help you adjust to your surroundings.

Search Smart and Beat out the Competition

When searching for long-distance jobs use your common sense and rise above the competition with a carefully targeted job search campaign. Instead of just sending out generic resumes on Internet job search boards, take the time to research companies in the city where you want to work and look for those in your industry. Craft a professional resume and portfolio to send out to potential employers, addressed to the human resources manager directly.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Today's technology makes it easier to search for remote jobs. The good news is that many employers have human resources departments that understand and use this technology for hiring and interviewing purposes. You can tap into technology by creating a virtual resume of yourself in a video format and include a link to your video on your resume itself. In addition, you may be able to interview with hiring managers by way of webinars managed by telephone and over the Internet instead of incurring the expense of traveling.