Long Term Care Nurse Job Search Tips

A long term care nurse needs patience, dedication, reliability and the knowledge to work with someone who is chronically or terminally ill.

Working as a long term care nurse can be performed in various places such as hospitals, private homes, clinics, nursing homes and hospices. Depending on where you live, in order to practice as a long term care nurse, you might need certain credentials. Check with your individual state to see what nursing degrees and certifications are required before hunting or networking for a position as a long term care nurse.

Learning where these job openings are for long term care nurses takes time and effort, but with tenacity, they can be found easily.

Hospital Setting

Attending an open house meeting for employment at a hospital is a good way to network. You can find out if there is an upcoming meeting or open job placement at any given hospital by calling its Human Resources Department at the particular hospital. Bring with you the appropriate materials such as your resume, CV and other credentials when applying.

Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes or long term care centers for the elderly are often in need of long term nurses. You can call the management or owner of the home directly to see what is needed in order to apply for a position at the location. Also, stop by personally and drop your credentials off to the person in charge of the facility. Ask for a tour of the building, and the residents quarters to get a feel for the place and if you can see yourself working there.


There are numerous hospices that hire full time or even part time long term nurses to care for terminally ill patients. These facilities can be found by checking with your local churches, parishes or religious institutions or by perusing the phone book. Make contact with the head hospice caregiver or individual who runs the facility to learn more about the facility.

Nursing Schools

Call or pay a visit to where you graduated from nursing school and check out job placement boards. Many nursing schools offer job placement or they have access to available long term care nursing positions before other facilities do.

Online Searches

Visit online websites and career sites that offer listings and/or classified ads for long term care nursing jobs. It is important to check these sites often because listings can change without notice.

Medical Offices

Drop your business card or resume off at local physicians' offices in the area that might in turn pass your business card along to patients who might need a private long term care nurse.

Start a Private Business

Some terminally ill or chronically ill patients prefer being in their own homes as opposed to a hospital or medical setting. However, they also often need someone around the clock to care for them by doing such tasks as bathing, feeding, administering medicines or making simple shopping trips. Put your name in at senior centers, assisted living centers, and other senior related businesses who would be willing to refer you.

Rehabilitation Centers

There may be a need for a long term care nurse at a rehabilitation center in your community. Rehabilitation centers often see patients for many months or sometimes, even for the rest of the patient’s lifetime. Seek out such rehabilitation centers often located in hospitals, clinics and/or  assisted living centers that might have a need for a long term care nurse.