Looking for a job when employed

Familiarity has bred contempt, and you have become complacent in your job. You are on the lookout for something more challenging and kicking.

But you do not know how to go about finding a new job. You have already sent mails, but nobody has reverted back to you. Disappointing!

Your current job is demanding and takes up most of you time. Do you resign form your job and then search for a new job?

Here are a few tips to enhance your new job search when employed.

Time Management
Time management is of utmost importance. It is very common to see people work for 8 to 10 hours and get back and hit the sack. Primarily, it is necessary for you to set a time-table, and reserve time for each activity. Why don't you wake up a little early and spend sometime exclusively for your job hunt? Research jobs on the internet, newspapers, magazines and classifieds. Email your resume to the specified.

Don't expect an immediate response from the employers. Remember, you are not the only person who has mailed them. They should be convinced that you are 'the candidate'. Frequent communication and constant follow up is a must.

Slow and steady wins the race
Take it easy. You would not reap the fruits of your job hunt overnight. It is a circuitous and tedious process and you have to deal with it patiently. Rejections can be a part of the story; but don't feel let down by this.


  • Approach your network of friends and relatives for prospective employers
  • Keep yourself up to date with the industry scenario
  • Follow-up with the company
  • Fix up interviews and appointments
  • Set weekly goals and abide by it
  • Look for a job offering a either a higher position or higher pay or both

  • Use your office facilities for your job hunt
  • Fix up appointments and interviews during office hours
  • Hint your employer about your plans to quit your current job
  • Quit the job you have, before having another job in hand
  • Settle for a job that gives u a lower position or lesser pay than your current job