Looking for a job when you do not have a car

Normally, having a car gives you a wide scope for job search because that does not limit your coverage area. However, there are many people out there seeking a job without a car. What happens when you look for a job without a car? What are your chances of success when you search for a job without a car?

Getting around the physicality of the problem

There are many ways that can help you while seeking a job without a car. The following tips would be helpful'

Limit your coverage area - look for employment within a walkable radius from your residence. It is always best to be self sufficient. This could be a radius of 6-10 kms depending upon how fit you are. In this way you can exercise daily while moving to-and-fro your place of work at the same time.

Use public transport - most cities provide excellent connectivity within the city. Learn the best routes to your work place and obtain passes on that route which will save you both money and time while travelling.

Use a car pool - try to become a member of a car pool, if possible in return for a token payment.

Buy a bicycle - the bicycle is still a great way to commute over relatively short distances, i.e. 10-15 kms radius. You could even buy a gear bicycle, which would be fast and very comfortable. Look for bargains at garage sales, flea markets and the like where you could get excellent stuff at very low cost.

Take a lift - Do you have any friends with cars who go your way? You could ask them to give you a lift for a token amount of money.

Freelance - you could freelance from home and do without the necessity to commute to and fro your work place. For this purpose you would need a computer and Internet connectivity.

Getting around the convincing of the employer

The employer would definitely ask you regarding your method of commuting if you live too far from the work place. You need to show a very confident attitude that would highlight your fit to the job. You may also have any of the above points ready for an answer in case the employer asks you about your mobility to the job without a car. Do not apply for job that needs you to move around such as sales, product delivery, etc